Albion Online – the true face of the castle event

We write these lines to you in great sadness in dissappointment. As a guild of 250 Turkish players, we find the level of racism and abusive behaviour towards our guild has come to a point that we longer enjoy our favorite game which most of us backed since day 1. What is more dire is, the one player who should have been an example to his hundreds of guild members, is the one who is leading this racist chants towards our heritage & culture. We find it hard to digest that a guild master of 3 main guilds(money guild, prime, grief) with different accounts to spread this much hartred in game and suffer no consequences at all. We sincerely request your immediate evaluation and appropriate action on this issue. Attached you can find the latest example of mentioned behaviour by the indiviual called “Derrick”.



Albion Online: Quest/Uniqueness/World Exploring fun

As of late im unable to play [linux issues] steam compatibility please? would make this game alot easier to play with many different set ups

but while playing i found my self bored in alot of things
the grind is cool an all but really needs a bit more “flare”

Fashion Albion – Clothing sets that can an will make other notice you more [old runescape player] allow amours to be “designed” to fit the players fashion.
in runescape we have those rare items that cost trillions of gold and even longer in time to earn.
rare item drops [ that will survive the wipes/official build] like runescapes party hat an ect (im comparing to rs because at the time it was a great game untill they made unfavourable updates

Albion Online: Quest/Uniqueness/World Exploring fun

quest lines from easy to godly (maybe even most party like quest) quest progression (part 1/2/3/4) ect. keep the stories interesting .
quest shouldn’t wait untill the games out you need a attention grabber for many many players to keep coming back

special event only items (pvp hunting for these items are the only way of gaining after event) random “mods” will have these to keep them in population without 1 person hoarding them
this is just one players opinion currently id love to see maybe even player made quest an ect (rewards for creating and allowing albion to use)

those who support these ideas (or even some of them) please reply with those you like.

Albion Online Territory Give Away

Undead Lords, Ominous, and La Crusade will be GIVING AWAY the majority of our territories over the next few days! If any small guilds want some territories to practice GvG’s before the beta ends, PM ME

We have already given away about 10 and have ~30 more to give away!!!

If I don’t get any PM’s, we will be letting these territories starve over the weekend. Keep an eye on the east side of the map if you want to scoop them up! (see the white dots below)




We’re having good fun as a guild in Albion Online

We ain’t cocky like other guilds. We dont have to prove anything man. 😀 We’re simply playing with cool crew. I don’t understand the fact that we have got so much hate in the game from russians, prime, money guild etc.. You are offending us everytime in the local chat before gvg, on the global chat. I have got a big laugh at that srsly. And I don’t get your points why you are doing this. You make a laughing stock of yourselves.

I won’t delete your post this time but If I see any more insults here into our direction or mine then a post will be deleted instantly.

Especially for you I’ll post in a sec a gvg. I will choose Red Army, MaKeLeLeS or other 3 guilds where we had good fights (recently). But prolly you want the fight with Red Army. Let me check, I will pick something.

Btw, I noticed big attendance in Stoatstump today. Special event or what.

We're having good fun as a guild in Albion Online

Albion Online is a hardcore sandbox MMORPG

I was one of those UO players started when second age came out and played until 9yr anniversary pack, did’nt play continuously though, subscription on and off. Also played SWG until SOE decided to let players to start game at level 1 jedi. DAoC had different characteristics from the UO or SWG but I enjoyed RvR feature of it.

I was in beta testing of WoW but played only for a couple month, didn’t like that at all. Saying these just to show what type of player I am.

So when I heard about AO, hardcore sandbox MMORPG, also some people said a game like UO, I wanted to see it by myself.

To be honest, AO doens’t feel like UO at all.
Said ‘sandbox style and not forcing players to do PvP’, however, if you go into red/black zone, you WILL DO PVP.

Maybe UO is considered hardcore mmorpg now but when I played UO it wasn’t such thing, just an mmorpg with good consistency. There wasn’t a lot of mmorpg to compare anyway.

Outside of guard zone, you could have been pked, you had to risk yourself for anything. So you tensed up when you met a stranger on the road but many players still roamed around without intention of pking in full pvp area.

In this hardcore sandbox game, all you can do is choose not to go to red/black zones. If you want access to high tier resources, you have to accept pvp. Well, you still can choose not to fight red name players, if you will, and just die.

Albion Online is a hardcore sandbox MMORPG

If sandbox style is what AO is going toward, there should be no goals in the game. But in AO, PvP/GvG is already set as the top content.

I think having the safe zone is good idea but it needs to be better than what it is now.
Currently, the safe zone exists to support the rest of the game. The real part of the game. The reason why I am saying this is, there is not much thing to do in safe zone.

And that is how this game is designed. You will get more fun if you participate in PvP and less fun in safe zones.

1. Furnitures in UO for example are basically useless albion online items. But players still wanted those to make their homes look nicer. Later house designing became available, added more fun to that non-combat activity. Safe zone needs to be the place that even high level players wants to come back do some non-combat activity. Not just low level players working hard to support end game content.

2. Resources in the safe zone are not the main resources for crafting in AO. They are necessary only to make higher tier resources and to make a job less burdensome for high level players. So they come back to new players and trade with them. This needs to be the other way around.

Low tier resources should be the main resources and high level players still want them because they are important. You cannot make something so valuable when you gave it only small value. And if you force players to accept that the job becomes tedious.

3. We should have guard patrols in safe zones and make entire area of the game full PvP. If players want to pk new players, let them do that at own risk of being chased by guards.

Green zone should have frequent patrols of city guards. Yellow zone maybe have less patrols. In red/black zone let the guild who owns the territory to place patrols so the players in the area can live peacefully and pay tax to the guild.

If AO is sandbox style game, PvP should not be limited by the system design.

Albion Online: the x.y system is good

Like having to choose between certain spells and cheap vs expensive and slightly weaker vs slightly stronger weapons etc. For instance single target vs aoe spells etc, or slightly weaker but much cheaper to get. The ideas of having a lot of choices to make is quite good, but also very confusing in many ways for new players. Especially the way how you make those weapons. There are +- about 28 types of wood for instance, T1, T2, T3,T,4 and then all of a sudden you get 4.2, 4.3, T5, 5.2,5.3,5.4 5.5 etc. and ofcourse all the gems and essences you will need. Ofcourse after a while you start to understand the system, but it is still the question which designgoals it is serving. It feels a bit strange to see T4.3 wood trading for much higher prices then T5 wood.

Just in general the strength of items scales approximately like this:

T5.1 (also called just T5, or 5.0)= 5+1= level 6
T4.3 = 4+3= level 7

So as you can see the T5 item is slightly worse then the T4.3. But it may feel counter intuitive, especially for new players.

Albion Online: the x.y system is good

Also note the extremes like T5.5 being stronger then T8.1 in strength. You can chop the T5.5 with a T5 axe, however the wood is very rare to find or very expensive to buy. The T8.1 may be much easier to find, but you need a T7 axe to chop it and the zone inwhich you can find them is more dangerous.

The system actually works out well for me as I like all leather jackets unique attack buff, refreshing sprint across all shoes, force field across all cowls or mage poison and all the weapons I like are .1. I mean I like complicated things, but it is needlessly complicated and just doesn’t make sense. the question is how to make early progression without restricting what you can use by tree.

They could even further limit the spell choices on lower tiers, to the point of just auto attack to start t1 weapons. It would feel more like learning to use a new weapon. It could be basic weapons shared instead of by tree. as in generic 1h magic staff “twig” or 2h magic staff “branch” for just auto attack. bow and crossbow line could get a slingshot, all 1h melee and dual daggers could use a stick and start without any offhand. claymore and great weapons would use big stick. spear would get pointy stick, pike would get long pointy stick, pole arms and melee staves would wield a pole.

Last but not least claw would use their bare hands. they would branch all off to a basic version of the mentioned weapons at the same time. everyone can “craft” them at the start from t1 wood and stone (stone used to shape/sand the wood and for endless ammo in slingshot). Too complicated? at least it’s not needlessly complicated and I think this would be fun and make a lot more sense. What do you think?

My Albion Online Experience – Good Things & Bad Things

I joined just about 2 weeks ago and have been having a great time with the game.

1) The game is not packed with new players, however, they are there in numbers enough to give ample opportunity to find friends your level to play with as you grow. As is always the case, you have your doomsayers trying to force a rush on devs by crying, “the sky is falling”. As a runscape player for nearly 14 years, this isn’t new to me. I was hearing runescape was dying in 2002 when I began playing and you can hear it still today. It may die someday but it isn’t dead yet.

2) From people who have played much longer than I have I hear the player base is much less active than they once were, however, it seems many await new game developments eagerly and my visits to the test server tells me they will be back.

3) I found a nice guild with great alliances and they have been so very helpful in bringing me up to speed quickly. The dynamic of the game makes it worth a guilds time and effort to see their recruits succeed and thrive. Maybe particularly because the game isn’t currently swamped with new, active players they have gone out of their way to aid me with advice and teach me the things I need to know.

My Albion Online Experience - Good Things & Bad Things

4) I started out with the basic pack and have upgraded to the legendary. I was unwilling to drop 100.00 on a game based on video and player feedback. It is a simple matter to upgrade your package later if you find the game pleases you. I had actually waited longer than I should have to upgrade making the mounts and gear not useful at this time, my understanding that these items will all be returned to me with any wipes made it worthwhile. We will all begin again at some point and when we do, I know now that these items will be of value starting out. Not to mention the bragging rights factor that there will be having the cosmetic items announcing my legendary founder status when the game finally does go full release. This is not my first closed beta game that offered such items, I fully expect these items, although cosmetic, to be a source of pride.

This is just my opinion, but I find a lot of satisfaction be beta versions and giving feedback where I feel it’s needed as a game develops. Some people do not have the time or inclination to have their progress erased only to have to start all over. For me, I know that the experience and knowledge gained will give me an all important leg up on the competition later. All the progress will vanish but so do all the little mistakes we make. In their place, a fresh start and the good fortune not to have to make them again.

Best of luck to you whatever you decide. Now or later, Ill see ya on the battlefield!