Albion Online: Grouping Up & Fighting Together

Albion is definitely more about grouping up and fighting together, however, a lot of people do end up going solo at some point. It is just a bit different, because you could go out looking for a 1v1 and end up running into 7 people who are roaming looking to do the same thing.

So I think what the first post had tried to explain was that when you do plan on going out and playing solo, you do need to tweak your build a little. For example, I play longbow mainly, but for solo open-world I’d bring a warbow for its ability to better cc players and chase them down, as well as giving me a way out if I face-check 7 other players. I’d also run “Flee” on my boots, as compared to better alternatives, to chase down players on horseback, as well as another way to get some Albion Online Silver. Again, both just my opinions and what I’ve had luck with.

Personally, I rarely go out solo anymore. I’ve grown to enjoy group PvP more as well as grinding up my gear. Though, on nights not a lot of the alliance is on, I may be bored enough.

But yeah, currently the population has dwindled a bit, but I don’t find it hard to find people to play with, or even fight (at the right times). I’m EST, but in UTC my play time is usually around 11:00-5:00.

You have to remember though, because this game doesn’t separate servers based on location like most other games do. So you might be in the same local area as a Russian guild, in which. they will be 6 or 7 hours ahead of you. Finding a time to fight those players might be tough, but it still happens.

Given all the different time zones that play, again, I still don’t find it that difficult to find players to fight, and my alliance is pretty active, so I always have a group.

Welcome, and enjoy the game!


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