Albion Online: Status, Roadmap & Hype

Many of us have agreed that we want a better line of communication with the Devs and that we want to be kept aware of the status of the game in its current state, and as futile as your efforts seem to be sometimes, @Bercilak really came through and replied in this thread giving me more more peace of mind. If you haven’t read it yet, I suggest you do. Thanks again Bercilak.

On another note, I’ve seen a lot of comments and replies asking for the Devs to make daily updates or even screenshots of their current progress. I can’t disagree more with these opinions. As much as I want a better discussion with Sandbox, I wouldn’t sacrifice progress for it. I’m not one to come up with a solution, but things that would make me feel more at ease are things such as a weekly/bi-weekly paragraph update, or even bullet points. Possibly an AmA, or a post with the Devs answering some of the biggest questions and concerns the community has. Now maybe something like this is already in the works, as Bercilak stated they are pumping out a lot of material to show us in the form of threads/dev videos. So I’m willing to wait.

The “February” roadmap is very, very outdated at this point. There are items that have already been addressed, and systems already implemented that need to be removed to lessen confusion. The PvE part is a great example, with points such as “Allow lower tier mobs to provide fame towards combat progression” and “Make it easier for healers and support classes to get fame in groups” still being present.

Albion Online: Status, Roadmap & Hype

I’d love an updated roadmap, even if it’s to just slim down the one we have currently.

First let me say how happy I am with the team over at Sandbox, and what they are capable of. With a team of 35 people, they are a well oiled machine and I have a lot of respect for them.

The only reason I can assume they haven’t gotten in touch more with the community is due to the hours put into working on the core game itself, or the fact that they want to surprise us with what they have accomplished over the past couple months. Maybe both. However, I’m sure they can see it now, but in their lack of communication it’s left the supporters in a bit of disarray. I’ll stop here because I’m not talking about communication anymore, there are enough posts about that.

I would like to say though, that “hype” does a lot for a game…to a point. Albion has delivered on a lot of its promises, and made more along the road. But after some time, the “hype” surrounding some of those new features and ideas becomes stale. There were times I was so hyped for new material and additions on-the-way, that it was the only thing that kept me playing…it still might be.

Solve this. Don’t be so vague. Maybe give us a taste of what the new “Reputation and Crime System for yellow and red zones” is. You guys mentioned this two months ago, and haven’t said enough of what it is to understand it. Maybe explain how the new world will work, will there still be mountains and cities on cliffs (as stated in the Dev-vlog)?

I’m not asking for answers to these specific questions, so you don’t need to address them. But hopefully you get my point, in that I want the hype back. I think the rest of us do to. Please consider some of these ideas, and elaborate more on the new things to come.


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