I want to be a top gatherer in Albion Online

We’ve seen that to be efficient top players will have numerous alts, some for fighting, some for gathering and some for crafting. I think this is harmful to the overall experience and the three should be woven into each other more. It should not be possible for people to gather t7+ resources with only minimum time spent on PvE to wear some basic equipment and not being interested in PvP at all. By that I don’t mean a game-wide restriction or gear requirement but gathering should have much, much higher risk than it does now. Forming gathering parties with protectors and gatherers is awesome but never happens because gathering at the moment is going out solo and running away the moment you see anyone.

Say I want to be a top gatherer, I should have a few options available for me. I can play solo but I would have to attune my build perfectly so I can escape enemies without simply relying on a broken flee spell that is on every pair of shoes. This reduces my characters effectiveness in PvP and PvE, that’s the trade-off. A second option would be for me to join a guild and go out in groups. We offer each other protection at the expense of gathering efficiency but we don’t sacrifice any PvP or PvE effectiveness since our builds don’t have to be attuned to gathering only you need to buy albion online silver. A final option would be for me to go out solo without a special attuned build and face the risk of getting caught. That way I can still stay and try to fight but have little chance of escaping if I’m outmatched.


Having said all that, I’m unsure of how realistic this will all be. At the moment we see people with a lot of alternate characters and solo play is often still the best and preferred. Always relying on a group can be extremely punishing and demotivating for players as well. We’ve already seen this with the slow downfall of players in top guilds this beta. No guildmates online? I’ll go play a different game.

In the end I’m not a fan of making seperate ‘classes’. It simply makes the games’ content a lot less accessible. If you want to focus on only one aspect of the game, that’s fine. You will still have to take the other aspects into account and be knowledgeable about them to be effective in your own niche. I like that and wouldn’t want for it to go away. Also, the more you separate PvP from gathering and PvE, the more PvP becomes a ‘side-activity’, completely unnecessary to progress and pretty much just two groups wasting gear on trying to kill eachother.


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