Albion Online PvE is highly lacking

I was going through some old Albion posts on reddit listening to people talk about the downfalls, some of them really hit the nail, ill bring out the ones i think have issues.

PvE. this is VERY important. ill tell it straight up, phone and tablet users do not care about PvP, its too inconvenient to properly PvP on a tablet/phone – everyone knows this. The problem from what i have seen is Albion Online Gold, this whole game is pretty much only PvP right now. theres such little PvE content, only a handful of monsters that barely drop anything? lacking of mobs on the map too.

I have read that you guys wont drop phone/tablet support to make the game better for PC users which is completely understandable, but the tablet/phone players will rarely do pvp or guild pvp. you need to put a lot more PvE into the game.

1)they are working on pve content to make it better, but honestly if i was you I wouldn’t hold your breath for that aspect of game end up expecting something close to runescape based combat not terrible but not vanilla wow raiding either.

Albion Online PvE is highly lacking

2) resources will be an issue at first, however, to combat this something they did at start of Beta1 was up the respawn rate in green and (yellow zones I believe) this let us atleast get a little bit of what we needed.
–very soon after launch the bigger zerg guilds will be moving out toward their new homes to live out of those in a day or 2 in game and it will relieve a lot of the stress over this.
–also some of the more experienced players simply skip this part of the game and farm the harder content in smaller groups.
–another aspect you can do after the initial is to not focus on gathering at first let others do it and focus on combat with a lot of Albion Online Silver. you can buy the mats later in game if you wish to craft catching up super fast.

3) while game is multi-platform it will always be primarily pc

4) there are “instance” based aspects of the game like blue portals that you can get access to for high xp gain but these will be heavily fought over goodluck.

5) when approaching this game remember the are basing themselves around a pvp sandbox aspect of gaming.


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