Albion Online: Power demand’s respect across the board

Guild’s like Finstack, Nilfgaard, Vendetta, Hammer & Sickle, Black Cock’s … at at least one point these guild’s all showed moment’s of excellence. The game is based around PvP, when guild’s excel at this aspect and show a dominating force to be reckoned to Buy Albion Online Gold… you have to respect that. In the end, it’s beta and guilds will rise and fall.. but when I think of guild’s I respected, it was because they could impose their will at anytime.

I’ll never forget in alpha when I based next to Finstack as Nerd Rage, we were pretty much coming into our second alpha and we thought we had a pretty good hold on the game. One of our neighbors (random guild can’t remmber) had allied finstack at the time because they beat the black cock’s B team. Well needless to say the Black Cocks said okay.. you had your moment, and came through every single one of their territories and eventually was on their base , so that guild quit. Meanwhile finstack dropped them from the alliance because they were weak, and went on to ally Vendetta.

Fast forward and Black Cocks & Finstack allied, I thought that was going to be a fucking nightmare before a lot of crappy stuff happened between them.

Albion Online: Power demand's respect across the board

Tricky question which has been mentioned in the AO Gold PvP section : The most respected guild last beta?
Obviously in a purely provocative form, and as expected, it quickly turned into penises battle.

I’d like to go further and define with you this curious thing here :

– Which criteria are essential, in your opinion, to be respected as a guild ?
(combat efficiency, market influence, owned territories, public relations, logistic chains, group philosophy, time investment, all of these ?)

– To whom this respect will is addressed to ?
(top guilds only, active PvP guilds, everyone ?)

– In the end, how this respect is spread among the players profiles ?
(from a small-scale albion online gold shop, a merchants guild, or a casuals guild perspectives ?)


My Character Names Are Locked in Albion Online

I don’t know if you guys tested it, but if you made once a character. And then deleted him and then make a new one with the same name, you can’t creat him because the game tells you the name is used by another player.
So how is that possible?
Below I made another test for this problem, so you can see what I mean.

1 2 3 4 5 6

Albion Friend List / Copy nick from chat

Hello Albion people,

Today i would like to talk about two problems:

1. You looking for players in global chat, and you found one, but his nick name is “KrajkpasdmDeWojk”
So solution would be make (Shift+ press on nick name) and it will be copied.
So you now can paste it where ever you want.

2. Friend list. Some Of Your friends can be relatives with “KrajkpasdmDeWojk” and he wanted to be just like him,
so he called him self “KustepraweDeKlaus”
And my solution for this problem is:

Albion Friend List / Copy nick from chat

Some of my wishes for Albion Online

I have 11 days and 6 hours in game time; and, this is my “Wish List”.

Remove global chat.

Why remove global chat?
No gold spam
No Guild recruiting spam
No trolling
No “What’s the best build for “X”?” or “What’s the highest DPS build?”
Frankly put, global chat just doesn’t work with this games design.
The addition of Push to Talk VOIP, like in Day Z, that can be toggled on and off would be surprisingly useful.
Include a function to “Mute” a player from your VOIP
Add Instanced PVP!
This is huge. I have done little to no PvP. I have dueled some friends; and, avoided some reds. And frankly, the grind of crafting is starting to feel more like a job than a game I’m playing for fun. Instanced PvP should start as a Journeyman and stop wherever the devs decide to stop it.
When I queue for PvP, I choose the armor and weapon I wish to use for that match. This allows me to try out different combinations, so I know what direction I want to take my Destiny Board; and, keep me from wasting knowledge points on gear that just don’t work for me.
The specs on the gear(preferably of “Epic” quality) are the same for every player. No TWINKS.
If I queue for PvP near Kingspool, then that is the team I play on. Kingspool will play against another city including another group of players from Kingspool if necessary.
This is where you will meet other players from your area, make friends, find guilds in your area, ect.
The groups are completely ROG-PUGs at least for journeyman and adept. Devs can decide the appropriate level for “formed group” PvP.
Each town will have its own colors so you know who your teammates are.
This also gives you the opportunity to interact with players and guilds from other cities and add them as a friend, or NOTE them as a worthy opponent.
The rewards for the matches are simply Rough Stone and Rough Logs. No fame, No silver.
All kinds of MAPS, Domination, CTF, and Deathmatch. HELL YEAH!! ❗
Looting other players is probably the main reason my friends and I looked into this game, and, I think it’s about time a game allowed looting another player. I would like to see one change though; and, I can certainly understand opposition to this thought. But,
When you loot a player’s bones, you shouldn’t be able to just destroy all their items by tossing said items directly from their bones to the ground. Take them or leave them; but, not be able to just throw them on the ground and “destroy” them.
If you want to take the time to put them in your pack, then destroy them, go right ahead.
Housing and Trade
I noticed how excited the devs were about the additional biomes they are adding to the game. Housing should match the biome it was built in right?
The stone collected from a specific biome would build a “Biome” appropriate structure that looked different than a structure from another biome.
i.e. If I want a Villa looking house in Kingspool then I have to go to a sandy biome and collect enough stone; or, I could trade some European looking stone from my area with a player from a sandy/desert biome.

Now we have a reason to form alliances and establish trade routes; or, go to war.
Speaking of Housing

House building, or any building of any kind in Albion Online, is HORRIBLE. I have literally fallen asleep trying to upgrade my structures. I dread this aspect of the game. It should be one of the most rewarding!

Some of my wishes for Albion Online

Instead of me doing the actual “building”, I would like to be more like a “Contractor”. I’ll bring the supplies and get the project started. Then come back later to see if the job is done and click the “Upgrade” button. Building upgrades should be like “Island Upgrades” Wait 20m to 30m for the upgrade to complete while I’m crafting or doing ANYTHING else.

Or make “Building” an actual craft and allow me to package up my completed house and sell it on an auction house or vendor.
As an “Elder” builder, building or upgrading an “Adept” structure should take considerably less time than an “Adept Builder”.

Speaking of the Auction House (NO 30day Auctions)
In Kingspool, I have noticed attempts to “Devalue” the market. Why? I have no idea. I have noticed many of my crafted items that “Stack”, primarily the “Consumables”, are all being purchased and relisted at a lower price point. What? It’s true. Say I was selling “Chicken Pies”, and I had 50 @ 2000s/ea. Someone comes in and buys almost all the Chicken Pies available on the market and relist them 600 @ 700s/ea for 30 F’in! Days! This is some crazy attempt to devalue the market in Kingspool. And, it’s not limited to “Consumables”. To combat this behavior the 30 day auction must GO!
Limit “Stackable” auctions to 3 days.
Limit “Single” Items to 7 days.
Speaking of Crafting and Auction HousesThe crafting areas, in the front of towns, owned by players, are a “Dead Zone”. No matter which town you go to, they are all dead. Maybe it’s the 250% – 900% they want to use their crafting station; but, I’ll build my own, thank you very much. And thus I would suggest the following changes.
The “Auction House” stays the same; maybe a higher tax might be needed.
All Crafting stations come equipped with a chest and vendor that match the tier of the station.
i.e. A T3 “Journeyman” crafting station can sell T3 items at a considerable less tax than at the “Auction House” and have a T3 chest to store mats or whatever.
Crafters can repair gear at any accessible crafting station for FREE! Or, maybe they will choose to only repair items they crafted for FREE. 👿 Repairs should occur in the trade window on items up to their highest crafting skill.
Farming, Cooking, Ranching, Alchemy excluded for obvious reasons.
Guild Islands could open up as “Crafting Emporiums”.
With these changes, players could find their favorite places to shop and know where to find the “Best Gear” at the “Best Prices” from “Renown Crafters”!

Speaking Of Mats
Collecting mats is terrible and I want to make it worse! 👿
The rate of mat respawn in this game is incredibly awesome, too bad I can never seem to carry enough. This needs to change. Currently, the same “nodes”, closest to town, get harvested over and over.
The more a mat is harvested the slower it should respawn. What!?!
This would encourage adventuring farther away from town.
The carrying weight limit has to be increased. But How?
If I’m riding an Ox and I jump off to fight a Bear or Wolf or mine some Iron, I’m obviously not going to take all of the stuff on the Ox and carry it.
Just like adding increasing my maximum carry load on my footwear, the Ox or Horse should increase my max carry load weather mounted or dismounted, except in dungeons or where mounts aren’t allowed.
Speaking of Oxen
Oxen are just too damn slow and I don’t like to take an Ox out collecting mats. They need a speed increase.
A “Spur”(Sprint) that offers a 35-50% speed increase with a 60s cool down while “NOT” under attack.
Scale the “Spur” with a better quality mount. A “Normal” mount will only Giddy-Up for 10s, “Excellent”-15s, “Masterpiece”-20s, Epic-25s, and “Legendary”- 30s or 35s 😀 after all it’s Legendary.
I think these changes would make that long ride back to the city much more tolerable.

Raising Mounts
Could they eat less with higher quality food? Or
Produce a higher quality mount if fed a higher quality produce.
Add some Music please!
I think this game could be the next “Epic” game; and, it needs some Epic music. Make the music an optional download if necessary; but, MUSIC PLEASE! Each town should have its own special music, and there should be dungeon music, fight music ect. I realize that with all the different cultures playing this game, choosing the “right” music could be difficult. However, some music transcends all cultures.

Addition of “Rare Items”
On certain occasions known only to the devs, say once a month or once a week or once a year, make certain items lootable. Like a wood stove from a dungeon(see the attached picture). These “Rare” items could replace a trophy in a house and add A LOT of happiness to me and my hirelings.

Saved for Last
After 30days I upgraded to the Legendary Founders Package. If you knew me, you would know that says the Devs are building a GREAT GAME. My friends asked me “Is it worth the $99”. I was hesitant to answer this question, and, having a hard time justifying the purchase. The “Gold” and the “House” made it worth it to me. But, I think there needs to be some changes.
Every in game item in this Founders Package is “Mine”, I paid for it. The items in this pack should be bound to my account and NOT lootable. I realize there are other “In Game” possessions that one could argue are more valuable and should be “Bound” to their account. But they weren’t “purchased”.
The “Legendary” Horse and Ox should be “Legendary”. I was extremely disappointed when I noticed they were “Normal”. Come On! If I call my “Volkswagen” – “Porsche” that doesn’t make it the same quality as a real “Porsche”. As far as that goes, it wouldn’t hurt to make the “Explorer” clothing a little better quality too.

Albion Online is a hardcore sandbox MMORPG

I was one of those UO players started when second age came out and played until 9yr anniversary pack, did’nt play continuously though, subscription on and off. Also played SWG until SOE decided to let players to start game at level 1 jedi. DAoC had different characteristics from the UO or SWG but I enjoyed RvR feature of it.

I was in beta testing of WoW but played only for a couple month, didn’t like that at all. Saying these just to show what type of player I am.

So when I heard about AO, hardcore sandbox MMORPG, also some people said a game like UO, I wanted to see it by myself.

To be honest, AO doens’t feel like UO at all.
Said ‘sandbox style and not forcing players to do PvP’, however, if you go into red/black zone, you WILL DO PVP.

Maybe UO is considered hardcore mmorpg now but when I played UO it wasn’t such thing, just an mmorpg with good consistency. There wasn’t a lot of mmorpg to compare anyway.

Outside of guard zone, you could have been pked, you had to risk yourself for anything. So you tensed up when you met a stranger on the road but many players still roamed around without intention of pking in full pvp area.

In this hardcore sandbox game, all you can do is choose not to go to red/black zones. If you want access to high tier resources, you have to accept pvp. Well, you still can choose not to fight red name players, if you will, and just die.

Albion Online is a hardcore sandbox MMORPG

If sandbox style is what AO is going toward, there should be no goals in the game. But in AO, PvP/GvG is already set as the top content.

I think having the safe zone is good idea but it needs to be better than what it is now.
Currently, the safe zone exists to support the rest of the game. The real part of the game. The reason why I am saying this is, there is not much thing to do in safe zone.

And that is how this game is designed. You will get more fun if you participate in PvP and less fun in safe zones.

1. Furnitures in UO for example are basically useless albion online items. But players still wanted those to make their homes look nicer. Later house designing became available, added more fun to that non-combat activity. Safe zone needs to be the place that even high level players wants to come back do some non-combat activity. Not just low level players working hard to support end game content.

2. Resources in the safe zone are not the main resources for crafting in AO. They are necessary only to make higher tier resources and to make a job less burdensome for high level players. So they come back to new players and trade with them. This needs to be the other way around.

Low tier resources should be the main resources and high level players still want them because they are important. You cannot make something so valuable when you gave it only small value. And if you force players to accept that the job becomes tedious.

3. We should have guard patrols in safe zones and make entire area of the game full PvP. If players want to pk new players, let them do that at own risk of being chased by guards.

Green zone should have frequent patrols of city guards. Yellow zone maybe have less patrols. In red/black zone let the guild who owns the territory to place patrols so the players in the area can live peacefully and pay tax to the guild.

If AO is sandbox style game, PvP should not be limited by the system design.

Albion Online: the x.y system is good

Like having to choose between certain spells and cheap vs expensive and slightly weaker vs slightly stronger weapons etc. For instance single target vs aoe spells etc, or slightly weaker but much cheaper to get. The ideas of having a lot of choices to make is quite good, but also very confusing in many ways for new players. Especially the way how you make those weapons. There are +- about 28 types of wood for instance, T1, T2, T3,T,4 and then all of a sudden you get 4.2, 4.3, T5, 5.2,5.3,5.4 5.5 etc. and ofcourse all the gems and essences you will need. Ofcourse after a while you start to understand the system, but it is still the question which designgoals it is serving. It feels a bit strange to see T4.3 wood trading for much higher prices then T5 wood.

Just in general the strength of items scales approximately like this:

T5.1 (also called just T5, or 5.0)= 5+1= level 6
T4.3 = 4+3= level 7

So as you can see the T5 item is slightly worse then the T4.3. But it may feel counter intuitive, especially for new players.

Albion Online: the x.y system is good

Also note the extremes like T5.5 being stronger then T8.1 in strength. You can chop the T5.5 with a T5 axe, however the wood is very rare to find or very expensive to buy. The T8.1 may be much easier to find, but you need a T7 axe to chop it and the zone inwhich you can find them is more dangerous.

The system actually works out well for me as I like all leather jackets unique attack buff, refreshing sprint across all shoes, force field across all cowls or mage poison and all the weapons I like are .1. I mean I like complicated things, but it is needlessly complicated and just doesn’t make sense. the question is how to make early progression without restricting what you can use by tree.

They could even further limit the spell choices on lower tiers, to the point of just auto attack to start t1 weapons. It would feel more like learning to use a new weapon. It could be basic weapons shared instead of by tree. as in generic 1h magic staff “twig” or 2h magic staff “branch” for just auto attack. bow and crossbow line could get a slingshot, all 1h melee and dual daggers could use a stick and start without any offhand. claymore and great weapons would use big stick. spear would get pointy stick, pike would get long pointy stick, pole arms and melee staves would wield a pole.

Last but not least claw would use their bare hands. they would branch all off to a basic version of the mentioned weapons at the same time. everyone can “craft” them at the start from t1 wood and stone (stone used to shape/sand the wood and for endless ammo in slingshot). Too complicated? at least it’s not needlessly complicated and I think this would be fun and make a lot more sense. What do you think?

I want to be a top gatherer in Albion Online

We’ve seen that to be efficient top players will have numerous alts, some for fighting, some for gathering and some for crafting. I think this is harmful to the overall experience and the three should be woven into each other more. It should not be possible for people to gather t7+ resources with only minimum time spent on PvE to wear some basic equipment and not being interested in PvP at all. By that I don’t mean a game-wide restriction or gear requirement but gathering should have much, much higher risk than it does now. Forming gathering parties with protectors and gatherers is awesome but never happens because gathering at the moment is going out solo and running away the moment you see anyone.

Say I want to be a top gatherer, I should have a few options available for me. I can play solo but I would have to attune my build perfectly so I can escape enemies without simply relying on a broken flee spell that is on every pair of shoes. This reduces my characters effectiveness in PvP and PvE, that’s the trade-off. A second option would be for me to join a guild and go out in groups. We offer each other protection at the expense of gathering efficiency but we don’t sacrifice any PvP or PvE effectiveness since our builds don’t have to be attuned to gathering only you need to buy albion online silver. A final option would be for me to go out solo without a special attuned build and face the risk of getting caught. That way I can still stay and try to fight but have little chance of escaping if I’m outmatched.


Having said all that, I’m unsure of how realistic this will all be. At the moment we see people with a lot of alternate characters and solo play is often still the best and preferred. Always relying on a group can be extremely punishing and demotivating for players as well. We’ve already seen this with the slow downfall of players in top guilds this beta. No guildmates online? I’ll go play a different game.

In the end I’m not a fan of making seperate ‘classes’. It simply makes the games’ content a lot less accessible. If you want to focus on only one aspect of the game, that’s fine. You will still have to take the other aspects into account and be knowledgeable about them to be effective in your own niche. I like that and wouldn’t want for it to go away. Also, the more you separate PvP from gathering and PvE, the more PvP becomes a ‘side-activity’, completely unnecessary to progress and pretty much just two groups wasting gear on trying to kill eachother.

Albion Online: Not an item, but a bank page

Hello, I think that this game in every bank should have an extra or a few extra bank pages, now I have a picture below that shows an example of what I am talking about. So what you would do is click the other page, there is 1 and 2 in my example there could be more. When you click it its a bunch of new slots, but to get this extra page you have to either pay a fair amount of gold, or get it from achievements.


Our banks are getting so full because there are tons of different types of enchanted logs,hide,cotton,ores,etc then we also need the basics like t1-t2-t3-t4 to make the higher tiers

Take a look at the example right under this text.

Albion Online Not an item, but a bank page

Albion Online: Status, Roadmap & Hype

Many of us have agreed that we want a better line of communication with the Devs and that we want to be kept aware of the status of the game in its current state, and as futile as your efforts seem to be sometimes, @Bercilak really came through and replied in this thread giving me more more peace of mind. If you haven’t read it yet, I suggest you do. Thanks again Bercilak.

On another note, I’ve seen a lot of comments and replies asking for the Devs to make daily updates or even screenshots of their current progress. I can’t disagree more with these opinions. As much as I want a better discussion with Sandbox, I wouldn’t sacrifice progress for it. I’m not one to come up with a solution, but things that would make me feel more at ease are things such as a weekly/bi-weekly paragraph update, or even bullet points. Possibly an AmA, or a post with the Devs answering some of the biggest questions and concerns the community has. Now maybe something like this is already in the works, as Bercilak stated they are pumping out a lot of material to show us in the form of threads/dev videos. So I’m willing to wait.

The “February” roadmap is very, very outdated at this point. There are items that have already been addressed, and systems already implemented that need to be removed to lessen confusion. The PvE part is a great example, with points such as “Allow lower tier mobs to provide fame towards combat progression” and “Make it easier for healers and support classes to get fame in groups” still being present.

Albion Online: Status, Roadmap & Hype

I’d love an updated roadmap, even if it’s to just slim down the one we have currently.

First let me say how happy I am with the team over at Sandbox, and what they are capable of. With a team of 35 people, they are a well oiled machine and I have a lot of respect for them.

The only reason I can assume they haven’t gotten in touch more with the community is due to the hours put into working on the core game itself, or the fact that they want to surprise us with what they have accomplished over the past couple months. Maybe both. However, I’m sure they can see it now, but in their lack of communication it’s left the supporters in a bit of disarray. I’ll stop here because I’m not talking about communication anymore, there are enough posts about that.

I would like to say though, that “hype” does a lot for a game…to a point. Albion has delivered on a lot of its promises, and made more along the road. But after some time, the “hype” surrounding some of those new features and ideas becomes stale. There were times I was so hyped for new material and additions on-the-way, that it was the only thing that kept me playing…it still might be.

Solve this. Don’t be so vague. Maybe give us a taste of what the new “Reputation and Crime System for yellow and red zones” is. You guys mentioned this two months ago, and haven’t said enough of what it is to understand it. Maybe explain how the new world will work, will there still be mountains and cities on cliffs (as stated in the Dev-vlog)?

I’m not asking for answers to these specific questions, so you don’t need to address them. But hopefully you get my point, in that I want the hype back. I think the rest of us do to. Please consider some of these ideas, and elaborate more on the new things to come.

Albion Online PvP: good enough, but could be better

Albion Online was a huge success and nearly every person remembers UO in a positive light. Why do you think so many have flocked to Albion in such huge numbers for a Beta? In my opinion, UO was amazing and some of the best skill based pvp in any game I have played. Lots and lots of options for builds and spells, timing was key, and the risk and rewards were definitely there. I vaguely remember being PK’ed right outside of town a few times in my early days, but once or twice and never again. Most of the real PvP went on deep in the dungeons of Fel and around the Champion Spawns(which were amazing), fighting over power scrolls and Horrowers for stat scrolls.

UO’s guild system was also great. I ran a guild that at one point was at war with every guild on the top 10 list. Our guild was not a zerg either, 20-30 active members facing many times that daily. Every city we went to there we flagged enemies for us to fight, some of these PvP videos I still have up on Youtube today. Order vs Chaos was amazing! Factions was amazing! House collapse(IDOC) battles were amazing! There was plenty of risk and huge rewards.

The murder count system was spot on as well. At one point, my PK had 800+ murder counts and a several million gold bounty on my head. I knew that I had no chance of ever AFK macroing off those counts. Most PKs then ran solo or in small groups. There we also rewards for people that only killed murderers, IE the Justice System and bonus once you killed 10 reds. If you killed someone 1v1, be it a miner or another pvper, it is not considered ganking. Ganking is 3 on 1, 4 on 1, 5 on 1. If you got roasted 1v1, it is your own fault. UO had many many many ways to escape(recalls, teleporting, gate travel, invisibility, hiding). Just like in Albion, if your a gatherer in the red zone you should be running a build designed for easy escape. Multiple sprints, frost shot, ambush, smoke bomb, fast mount, NO OX, and you will successfully escape 3 out of 4 times.

Albion is doing right what UO was doing wrong, gear wise. Having all gear crafted by players keep the economy going, not loot based Artifacts. I can remember many many occasions where I killed people in Felucca and got some amazing gear. In the old days there were Vanquishing weapons, later on it was Artifacts. The insurance system in UO was another horrible introduction, which removed much of the risk in pvp. The open world housing plots were a true Gem of UO, fights outside of my castle are some of my best memories of UO. Waiting for a house to collapse near a prized dungeon and fighting other guilds for that spot. Even finding a PKs home who killed you earlier on your crafter gathering materials and waiting at his house for him to return now on your PK.

For a game to last 10+ years with those 2d graphics, the PvP had to be anything but boring and non rewarding. Heck UO still has an active player base, especially on the free shards. Mind you, I haven’t played UO since about 2008 and the first time I ever logged in was 1997, if I’m remembering correctly.

If you’ve been looking for a game that reminds you of UO, Albion is definitely that. Keep in mind, it is in Beta(a rather too long beta) and numbers are not huge, but still has an active player base. It is certainly worth the $30 founders package, especially if you plan on playing once the game is actually released.

Feel free to give me a shout in game if you decide to give Albion a try. I’d be happy to help you get started.

NumChukaRukaNuka was my Factions Archer. Good times, this was 2v2 factions pvp.

Albion Online PvP: good enough, but could be better