If Albion was never an ‘alpha, beta’

Let’s just say Albion was simply released from the very beginning and no one ever considered it in testing.

The amount of changes the game has gone through is quite massive, it’s almost been seasonal gameplay in my opinion, each one offering up a very different experience. I think if Albion was not in beta this game would be widely considered as getting better and more polished by the day… maybe even be on the rise due to a lot of changes that have been shown for the future.


So now the real question :
What changes to this point have been the most detrimental in your experience?
What changes have been the most successful?
With everything the developers have been working on, it makes me really wonder what type of player experiences have been occurring that make people feel like the game is either succeeding or failing.

my own answers :

What changes to this point have been the most detrimental in your experience?
In my opinion adding and subtracting content from the game has not really been a bad experience for me. Maps, territories, weapons, abilities, factions, materials, pve loot, biomes.. ive seen quite a few come and go.. but what really made the game become less enjoyable over the years was the overhaul of fame. The constant changes to how ‘progression’ happens in Albion is a very exhausting experience. I understand that wiping the maps was surely needed and I stand by that (hence the seasonal talk) what I did not enjoy was re-grinding mobs/materials only to find that the process was taking longer, or was simply broken and needed to be completely fixed.

What changes have been the most successful?
To me the most successful change since I have started playing Albion ( Alpha 2 ) .. has been GvG’s . This is kind of a bias in thinking that not many changes have been very positive to me in terms of content, while it wasn’t awful it just wasn’t really what I was hoping to see. Yet the fact that gvg’s are still in the game and hopefully still the cornerstone to Albion’s success is truly what makes me want to continue to just give the game a go.


Albion Online’s Faye Update Brings New Soundtrack

Albion Online yesterday received a new version of the content, everything is very interesting. Faye updates have generally improved, but there are some fun features that should allow excitement to dive again and explore if you’ve been out for a while.

The first noteworthy update is a mythological forest of new biological communities, where you will find plenty of wood and a friendly spirit less than the forest. No matter how you feel to be able to express, the new expression in the game just increases. Type / expression to see the complete list. It is worth mentioning that the last feature is an increase of the unique track 19 soundtrack online, although there must be more in the updated Faye Wong can be found here in the complete list.

Albion Online is a large multiplayer online role game that will be suitable for Mac, PC, Linux and Android, where all the players are clustered on a large server. It is currently in the final beta.


Albion Online: Getting PvP Kill Fame

Kill fame is NOT being distributed equally amount party members in pvp. Sure you can see the +fame you ‘should’ be getting for each pvp kill, but this does not affect your pvp kill fame in your stats or on the rankings.

Why say you are going to give all party members equal fame in pvp if in the end it does not affect pvp rankings to Buy Albion Online Silver? You think I care about getting ‘overall fame’ on my character? I can craft one 6.5 great nature staff and get more ‘overall fame’ than hours upon hours of pvp.

I see people crying that they do not get their ‘kill fame’ with the new execution system because someone else executes a player they drop to 0 hp. WELL make the shared pvp fame change WORK like was intended and no one will have the ability to complain about it anymore. If someone outside of your group executes someone, you can always flag and kill them.

Albion Online: Getting PvP Kill Fame

I started as a tank focused on cc and moved to a healer because our guild simply didn’t have any active healers playing with AO Silver. Why should all the time I spend pvping with my guild not be reflected in my pvp kill fame in my stats or on the rankings?

While its not a game breaker, after months of pvp I would like to have something to show for my efforts in my stats and on the rankings.

I’m not a healer, but I agree that everyone involved in the kill should get divided and actually distributed to all players that contributed to the kill.

Only giving fame to the person with the last hit or to the person that executes doesn’t adequately represent the contributions made by everyone involved in the kill.

Lastly, evenly distributing the pvp game would promote a more team and group minded style of play. People wouldn’t be as worried about securing the execute or last hit and would instead be focused on benefitting the group as a whole. I think this would result in higher quality group fights and best albion online silver store (I.e., healers or other players that provide more utility as opposed to damage) would feel that their contributions are being valued.

How you wanna spend your spare time in Albion

Of course you got your high school schedule, but if you take the time and set priorities you can make all of them. You need a lot of grinding, grinding, grinding, grinding, if you wanna manage that with a good gathering team, and you spend a lot of time crafting.

You need to know, it takes time to Buy Albion Online Silver… A lot of time and patience! Right now in the beta stage of Albion Online, figure out what you need to gather and craft! And the weapon thing, you can better go for one ‘main’ weapon and maybe a ‘secondary’ weapon. Because if you wanna master a single weapon, it takes a lot of time, PvP, GvG and ZvZ. So if you wanna master a weapon and wanna get used to the playstyle… choose one ‘main’ weapon though.

And about your island, of course it’s useful! When you go on a dungeon run? A PvP run? Do a GvG? What are you bringing with you? Probably Soup, Stew, Omelette or when you go gather maybe a Pie. You can get all those mats on your own island, and if you are going to gather a lot! You can build houses on your island, put chests in them and use them as an extra storage.

How you wanna spend your spare time in Albion


What you need to do now:
1. Figure out which weapon you want to play with (Main and Secondary);
2. What do you wanna gather? Figure out which mats you need and in which regions you can get them;
3. Make a plan of action, what do you want to do when the game releases, step by step.

I hope you will figure out what you want to do.
If you need some more information, feel free to PM me.

Player Islands: The main uses for them are to build houses or keep farm Albion Online Silver. Some people do use them for crafting buildings but since most people are part of a guild that provides crafting buildings, or there are crafting buildings available in cities, most people don’t put those on farms.

Laborers are useful for getting materials if you gather/craft. Farms plots of course can grow veggies for food, or animals to turn to mounts and so on. If you need/want further information on what exactly they do or how they work, Rook .

Albion Online PvE is highly lacking

I was going through some old Albion posts on reddit listening to people talk about the downfalls, some of them really hit the nail, ill bring out the ones i think have issues.

PvE. this is VERY important. ill tell it straight up, phone and tablet users do not care about PvP, its too inconvenient to properly PvP on a tablet/phone – everyone knows this. The problem from what i have seen is Albion Online Gold, this whole game is pretty much only PvP right now. theres such little PvE content, only a handful of monsters that barely drop anything? lacking of mobs on the map too.

I have read that you guys wont drop phone/tablet support to make the game better for PC users which is completely understandable, but the tablet/phone players will rarely do pvp or guild pvp. you need to put a lot more PvE into the game.

1)they are working on pve content to make it better, but honestly if i was you I wouldn’t hold your breath for that aspect of game end up expecting something close to runescape based combat not terrible but not vanilla wow raiding either.

Albion Online PvE is highly lacking

2) resources will be an issue at first, however, to combat this something they did at start of Beta1 was up the respawn rate in green and (yellow zones I believe) this let us atleast get a little bit of what we needed.
–very soon after launch the bigger zerg guilds will be moving out toward their new homes to live out of those in a day or 2 in game and it will relieve a lot of the stress over this.
–also some of the more experienced players simply skip this part of the game and farm the harder content in smaller groups.
–another aspect you can do after the initial is to not focus on gathering at first let others do it and focus on combat with a lot of Albion Online Silver. you can buy the mats later in game if you wish to craft catching up super fast.

3) while game is multi-platform it will always be primarily pc

4) there are “instance” based aspects of the game like blue portals that you can get access to for high xp gain but these will be heavily fought over goodluck.

5) when approaching this game remember the are basing themselves around a pvp sandbox aspect of gaming.

Albion Online: Quest/Uniqueness/World Exploring fun

As of late im unable to play [linux issues] steam compatibility please? would make this game alot easier to play with many different set ups

but while playing i found my self bored in alot of things
the grind is cool an all but really needs a bit more “flare”

Fashion Albion – Clothing sets that can an will make other notice you more [old runescape player] allow amours to be “designed” to fit the players fashion.
in runescape we have those rare items that cost trillions of gold and even longer in time to earn.
rare item drops [ that will survive the wipes/official build] like runescapes party hat an ect (im comparing to rs because at the time it was a great game untill they made unfavourable updates

Albion Online: Quest/Uniqueness/World Exploring fun

quest lines from easy to godly (maybe even most party like quest) quest progression (part 1/2/3/4) ect. keep the stories interesting .
quest shouldn’t wait untill the games out you need a attention grabber for many many players to keep coming back

special event only items (pvp hunting for these items are the only way of gaining after event) random “mods” will have these to keep them in population without 1 person hoarding them
this is just one players opinion currently id love to see maybe even player made quest an ect (rewards for creating and allowing albion to use)

those who support these ideas (or even some of them) please reply with those you like.

My Albion Online Experience – Good Things & Bad Things

I joined just about 2 weeks ago and have been having a great time with the game.

1) The game is not packed with new players, however, they are there in numbers enough to give ample opportunity to find friends your level to play with as you grow. As is always the case, you have your doomsayers trying to force a rush on devs by crying, “the sky is falling”. As a runscape player for nearly 14 years, this isn’t new to me. I was hearing runescape was dying in 2002 when I began playing and you can hear it still today. It may die someday but it isn’t dead yet.

2) From people who have played much longer than I have I hear the player base is much less active than they once were, however, it seems many await new game developments eagerly and my visits to the test server tells me they will be back.

3) I found a nice guild with great alliances and they have been so very helpful in bringing me up to speed quickly. The dynamic of the game makes it worth a guilds time and effort to see their recruits succeed and thrive. Maybe particularly because the game isn’t currently swamped with new, active players they have gone out of their way to aid me with advice and teach me the things I need to know.

My Albion Online Experience - Good Things & Bad Things

4) I started out with the basic pack and have upgraded to the legendary. I was unwilling to drop 100.00 on a game based on video and player feedback. It is a simple matter to upgrade your package later if you find the game pleases you. I had actually waited longer than I should have to upgrade making the mounts and gear not useful at this time, my understanding that these items will all be returned to me with any wipes made it worthwhile. We will all begin again at some point and when we do, I know now that these items will be of value starting out. Not to mention the bragging rights factor that there will be having the cosmetic items announcing my legendary founder status when the game finally does go full release. This is not my first closed beta game that offered such items, I fully expect these items, although cosmetic, to be a source of pride.

This is just my opinion, but I find a lot of satisfaction be beta versions and giving feedback where I feel it’s needed as a game develops. Some people do not have the time or inclination to have their progress erased only to have to start all over. For me, I know that the experience and knowledge gained will give me an all important leg up on the competition later. All the progress will vanish but so do all the little mistakes we make. In their place, a fresh start and the good fortune not to have to make them again.

Best of luck to you whatever you decide. Now or later, Ill see ya on the battlefield!

I hate the paying scheme of Albion Online

I have just recently heard about albion and I have no idea what kind of paying scheme will they have, but having seen the same argument OP uses countless of times, I cannot restrain myself from replying.

Want a balanced game? than embrace f2p(with the ability to take shortcuts with real money). Why? because the vast majority of people have either time or money, and only few fortunate individuals have both. I am no saying that pouring money into the game should be required. How to make it as fair as possible? Make it so it is possible to buy ingame stuff with money, as this will self regulate. But than people start crying that you can just buy everything with money, and own everyone with that… but wait, here comes a problem: If you do that your knowledge of the game will still be quite basic so you will be prone to make mistakes, and if the game has a non stupid OWPVP that stuff you just bought with RL money will go back to players who know how to play. Also money does not buy trustworthy companions.

I hate the paying scheme of Albion Online

In a lot of MMOs and even more so in a sandbox, people you can trust are worth more than any kind of money… Oh and what about this few very fortunate people that have money and time. I say just let them feel that sense of superiority than, because if they have time and money and they spend most of it on a game, there isn’t really much to envy there anyway

And don’t get me even started on the bad implications subscription game has on a game design, even worse than any kind of f2p.

But that being said, I did see alot of bad p2w games, but this games basically make it impossible to progress without money, or the balance between time/money is artificially regulated by the game (not players) and a huge imbalance can than arise between the two… So yeah I all for allowing players to take short-cuts with money, as long as the market is open and players who invest time can take those same short-cuts by using ingame gold, so the system can balance itself, and does not favour any of the 2 sides.

Albion Online: confusing with the words being used

I think there might be confusion with the words being used. We here words like Casual, Hardcore, but these word definitions can vary and be much more complicated. So I will explain a few of my interpretations.


Casual – This type of player enjoys the game at a slower pace due to either time restrictions or just because they choose not to invest heavily in the game each day.
Hardcore – This type of player invests lots of time and effort into the game.
Competitive – This players approaches the game with a professional attitude, hoping to compete at high levels. They often study a game’s forumlas and any bit of data which can help them gain an edge over other players.
Non-Competitive – This type of player just plays a game for fun and has no interest in competiting at high levels. They may however still enjoy a bit of professionalism but not at the expense of any enjoyment.

Now when it comes to the LP system, it is simply a system designed for Casual Non-Competitive players. These types of players are into playing the game but may not have much time to invest in it every day due to RL and may also find long slow grinds boring. The LP system helps these players to progress the game at the pace that is better suited for them.


Casual Competitive players will find that unlocking full destiny nodes without any grind to be detrimental so Casual Competitive player will grind atleast the first 20% before using their LP.

Hardcore Non-Competitive Players will likely spend most of their time grinding everything and will utilize the LP to unlock portions that are either dull to them or just to speed up the progression a little.

Hardcore Competitive players are the ones that will not only grind out the most that they can but then will specialize in specific trees and utilize LP to jump past their competition assuming that their competition is not using their own LP in that same tree.

Now with this all in mind, the LP system as I’ve said before is not supposed to help Casuals catch up or even be on equal levels with Hardcore Players. The system mainly benefits the Casual Non-Competitive players who might get bored of the long grinds and just quit the game too early because they feel like it will take them forever to get just the basics unlocked. This system does not threaten competitive players and as mentioned by Dagother, eliminating the alt characters wouldn’t even solve the problem assuming there is one. Players can freely make multiple accounts as long as they do engage in certain activities with those multiple accounts. (No need for me to list all the rules on that.)

Now because LP is time gated, there is no way for someone to utilize LP to jump ahead of another player who is doing the same exact thing. Technically even if they were doing different things: example One player is maxing out wood chopping and pools all his LP into that, the other player is maxing out Ore gathering, neither player would be unfairly ahead of the other because while Player 1 is ahead in wood he lacks in ore, and vice versa.

I’m Not Happy With the Current State of the Weapon in Albion Online

Hey guys, as one of the few broadsword users in this game, I’m pretty upset about the current state of the weapon. While the Cador patch did help things a little, the broadsword, and .1 Warrior weapons in general, are still far too weak to be “viable”. The current problems I face with the broadsword are that while the DPS is a bit better than the hammer, the hammer has much more control, much more +hp, and with the addition of heavy cleave, can now do much greater AE damage with it’s single target DPS not far behind the broadsword.

I think there are several ways to go about improving the broadsword to a state where it atleast can compete with other melee weapons in PvE and PvP, as I’m of the belief that every weapon should be useful in both PvE and PvP, in their own way. So I’ll throw out some ideas and see what you guys think, keep in mind I’m not saying ALL of these should be done, even just picking a couple of these to implement would put the broadsword in a much better place than it is now. To be clear, I don’t expect the broadsword+shield in heavy plate to ever have the DPS and killing power of a lighter geared setup, I just would like to be a bit sturdier, and able to peel players from my teammates, or hold someone down for my DPS comrades to come in and take em out, maybe have a bit more damage to put pressure on people. Right now, none of those things are really possible.


Also keep in mind, these numbers are from my tier 6 broadsword and hammer. I’ll update this list once I’m able to use higher tiers, though it’s gonna be a while since almost nobody wants a broadsword user in their group.

– Increase the amount of +health on the broadsword, right now it’s hundreds below the hammer and mace, and even though the battleaxe has about the same amount, with the self-heals on the axe its effective health is considerably greater.
– Increase the damage all around, right now the hammer and mace are able to heavy cleave for several hundred on many opponents at once, while the broadsword can usually only hit for 300 on a low armor single target with a fully charged mighty blow.
– Increase the movement speed bonus of Heroic Strike by about 3 or 4% per charge.
– Add a stun effect to Mighty Blow that scales up with charges of Heroic Strike, perhaps 2-3 seconds with 1 charge, 5-6 seconds with 2 charges, and 8-9 seconds with 3 charges.
– Add a silence effect to Interrupt.
– Increase the snare % and/or duration of Hamstring, perhaps add a short root followed by the snare.

Thanks for reading, and here’s to hoping that one day we can all use the weapon we want and be able to be effective