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Roistore - best way to get Riders of Icarus Gold Without Ban

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Albion Online’s Faye Update Brings New Soundtrack

Albion Online yesterday received a new version of the content, everything is very interesting. Faye updates have generally improved, but there are some fun features that should allow excitement to dive again and explore if you’ve been out for a while.

The first noteworthy update is a mythological forest of new biological communities, where you will find plenty of wood and a friendly spirit less than the forest. No matter how you feel to be able to express, the new expression in the game just increases. Type / expression to see the complete list. It is worth mentioning that the last feature is an increase of the unique track 19 soundtrack online, although there must be more in the updated Faye Wong can be found here in the complete list.

Albion Online is a large multiplayer online role game that will be suitable for Mac, PC, Linux and Android, where all the players are clustered on a large server. It is currently in the final beta.


Albion Online: a counterspell to damage over time

So, i’ve noticed that DoT’s have become quite the thing in Albion, and I think it’s time to look at creating a counter for not only the self-healing, but also the anti-mount mechanic it offers. I’m fine with the high damage, but the problem is that if the enemy team has DoT’s you’re pretty dead unles you have more sprints than the enemy team.

I’m constantly messing around with new builds in these last days of the beta, and i’m very much looking in to escape mechanics without a million sprints or a multiple invis build, and 5 seconds passive DoT is quite the killer of that tbh.

So, for example just put a spell on a head-piece that removes all damage over time.

Albion Online Breaking News – Dworfs BACK!

To all the haters, i have missed your daily tears of salt.

I have been streaming Oldschool Runescape in past months and playing its new game mode DeadmanMode.

Ohh and Paradox/Nautica is still active, been lurking in the shadows and doing our thing. Taken a decent break from AO as well it got stale after playing alpha tests for almost 2 years and then a beta that was longer then anticipated.

But none the less we are back, we will be playing in the coming summer wipe, and ready to deliver the heat that we have been known to do in the past.

See you shmucks soon

Here is a video if u dont know what well constructed fire looks like

Albion Online Video: GvG System Changes

Competence has nothing to do with it. If Vendetta rolls through as a zerg, you could be as competent as you want, but you won’t have the numbers to stop it. All this does is discourage people from having small but skilled guilds, which is the whole point of the 5v5 GvG, to allow for smaller guilds.I love PvP, but there is a difference between good PvP, and ganking.