Why We Call Albion Online A “Sandbox” MMO?

All players would like to call Albion as one of the best mmo game in 2017, but not all the guys know why we call Albion ”Sandbox” game instead of a RPG. Today, AOSilver will tell you the reason:

Just thought I would throw my 2 cents of experience in on the sandbox vs themepark.

A Sandbox mmo is a game where there is no linear progression (Set Path) for all players to follow. You start in the game and decide from there where you are going and what you want to be. The quests are lacking on developer side because in a sandbox a lot of the content is supposed to be created by the players (Role-players and such).

A Themepark mmo sets all players on a set path.. You choose your class and from there you follow the same path as anyone else that shares your class. You typically start same place and complete quests in specific areas (due to level restrictions) until you can proceed to the next level and so on until end game. The content is developer created and is set up to walk you from level 1 to max level.

The best MMO that ever existed in my opinion was SWG Pre-CU. This was a Sandbox game with Themeparks built in. The majority of content was still provided by the players though but you could goto certain planets and start a themepark to follow a small quest line for some fun. You choose what your class was by choosing skills as you level up and could mix and match all professions to make a truely unique character. Albion is trying to do something like this. The reason there not succeeding thus far is that there is no back story for players to build off of. They provide us nothing to build on.. SWG had the whole star wars back story filled and could build off of that. Here they show videos of oxes being guarded walking through the lands and being ambushed.. They show guilds prepping for war over this! But what they dont show is the 30 minutes of the oxe guards saying “are we there yet?” and the oxe driver saying “only 5 more zones to go!”. They dont show the 2 hours of waiting around before the full guild war team is ready to ride out of town to fight.. basically they are not succeeding due to the long wait times to organize these types of player engagements.. Also for story how enticing is it to scream they stole are hide! kill them! Basically they need more back story and lore available to all in game if they want to add some excitement to the actual player driven content.. Even RPers need a place to start and build off of.

They need 2 backstories to really fill it out:

Camelots side and Morgana! you choose a side upon character creation and join player guilds set up in your faction.. This will help divide the players and make certain zergs not able to ally.. From there fill in some story and watch the 2 sides battle for the continents!..

Alright you are understand why Albion is sandbox game now, but you will still lose all your loot in the game, whether it is sandbox mmo or not. So you definitely need more Albion Online Silver to make up for lost loot, then there will be a question: where to buy the albion silver? AOSilver is absoultely the RIGHT CHOICE – It has full experience in the Albion Online gaming industry and has good reputation among Albion players.

Source: https://www.aosilver.com/albion-online/news/why-we-call-albion-online-a–sandbox–mmo/


Expand Their Albion Online Through Iterations

This is a big issue with indie small teams that grows up and expand their games through iterations. Lean development is great to start small with MVPs then build on top, that’s great to build hype, let people try things out considering the trend in the last few years with kickstarter and company to Buy Albion Online Silver, but at the same time is a double edged sword for certain type of game systems, in my view things like itemisation, resources and economy balance is best to approach with a bird view of the whole system from the start to create a strong foundation but it’s just not feasible and user demand and perception of how things work and the pressure they put into the company to deliver things quick is not helping to really refine things to the highest level before actually create an ecosystem of game systems around that.

While you do not know you need solid experience game designers and game economists until later in the game, but ideally game economists should start project like this since the inception. Reality is a different thing

I think the main problem is the implementation process. The devs so heavily rework major game mechanics and all at once that it’s a bitch, it not impossible, to figure which mechanic to change how and when to produce the gameplay we want to produce. While there is some cool new stuff to Buy Albion Online Gold, the game feels more broken right now than it ever was (first enchanted warbow excluded) and it could be due to any of these reasons:


– The map is huge and the clusters are huge and there is no fast travel
– The connections between royal continents and the outlands are poorly designed
– Transmutating is a thing
– Rerolling is still a thing
– Buying silver with gold is a thing
– The world is really empty in the pre-test so it’s easier to get fame, silver and resources
– There are a bazillion dungeons, even up to t7 on the royal continents
– Fame requirements are really low
– Gathering requirements are really low
– Territories are overhauled completely
– The super-duper-rare resources are not actually that rare
– The mastery system is not working at the moment
– Crafting is really easy and anyone and their mother can craft anything

It could be any of these things that need changing and it’s mostly a combinations of countless different things that have to be tweaked in order to make this into a fun, playable game that doesn’t feel like a job and has some longevity in best albion online silver store. I don’t envy the devs for having to find out which thing has to be changed in what way and how much. That said, I will try and help however I can.

Albion item icons not clear

Just a quick suggestion about making the item icons for tier gear clearer, For example, certain armor pictures inside the icon go over the top of the tier dots. The dots need to be above the icon picture especially once you start playing on the small ui setting its very hard to see what tier some items are. Ill add an example of what im talking about. I just figure if you are going to the trouble of adding the dots you should be able to see them regardless of whether you know what the item is or not. Thanks for your efforts and hard work on the game.  Albion item icons not clear

Albion item icons not clear 2

Albion Online – the true face of the castle event

We write these lines to you in great sadness in dissappointment. As a guild of 250 Turkish players, we find the level of racism and abusive behaviour towards our guild has come to a point that we longer enjoy our favorite game which most of us backed since day 1. What is more dire is, the one player who should have been an example to his hundreds of guild members, is the one who is leading this racist chants towards our heritage & culture. We find it hard to digest that a guild master of 3 main guilds(money guild, prime, grief) with different accounts to spread this much hartred in game and suffer no consequences at all. We sincerely request your immediate evaluation and appropriate action on this issue. Attached you can find the latest example of mentioned behaviour by the indiviual called “Derrick”.


Albion Online Territory Give Away

Undead Lords, Ominous, and La Crusade will be GIVING AWAY the majority of our territories over the next few days! If any small guilds want some territories to practice GvG’s before the beta ends, PM ME

We have already given away about 10 and have ~30 more to give away!!!

If I don’t get any PM’s, we will be letting these territories starve over the weekend. Keep an eye on the east side of the map if you want to scoop them up! (see the white dots below)




We’re having good fun as a guild in Albion Online

We ain’t cocky like other guilds. We dont have to prove anything man. 😀 We’re simply playing with cool crew. I don’t understand the fact that we have got so much hate in the game from russians, prime, money guild etc.. You are offending us everytime in the local chat before gvg, on the global chat. I have got a big laugh at that srsly. And I don’t get your points why you are doing this. You make a laughing stock of yourselves.

I won’t delete your post this time but If I see any more insults here into our direction or mine then a post will be deleted instantly.

Especially for you I’ll post in a sec a gvg. I will choose Red Army, MaKeLeLeS or other 3 guilds where we had good fights (recently). But prolly you want the fight with Red Army. Let me check, I will pick something.

Btw, I noticed big attendance in Stoatstump today. Special event or what.

We're having good fun as a guild in Albion Online

Albion Online: Grouping Up & Fighting Together

Albion is definitely more about grouping up and fighting together, however, a lot of people do end up going solo at some point. It is just a bit different, because you could go out looking for a 1v1 and end up running into 7 people who are roaming looking to do the same thing.

So I think what the first post had tried to explain was that when you do plan on going out and playing solo, you do need to tweak your build a little. For example, I play longbow mainly, but for solo open-world I’d bring a warbow for its ability to better cc players and chase them down, as well as giving me a way out if I face-check 7 other players. I’d also run “Flee” on my boots, as compared to better alternatives, to chase down players on horseback, as well as another way to get some Albion Online Silver. Again, both just my opinions and what I’ve had luck with.

Personally, I rarely go out solo anymore. I’ve grown to enjoy group PvP more as well as grinding up my gear. Though, on nights not a lot of the alliance is on, I may be bored enough.

But yeah, currently the population has dwindled a bit, but I don’t find it hard to find people to play with, or even fight (at the right times). I’m EST, but in UTC my play time is usually around 11:00-5:00.

You have to remember though, because this game doesn’t separate servers based on location like most other games do. So you might be in the same local area as a Russian guild, in which. they will be 6 or 7 hours ahead of you. Finding a time to fight those players might be tough, but it still happens.

Given all the different time zones that play, again, I still don’t find it that difficult to find players to fight, and my alliance is pretty active, so I always have a group.

Welcome, and enjoy the game!

I’m Not Happy With the Current State of the Weapon in Albion Online

Hey guys, as one of the few broadsword users in this game, I’m pretty upset about the current state of the weapon. While the Cador patch did help things a little, the broadsword, and .1 Warrior weapons in general, are still far too weak to be “viable”. The current problems I face with the broadsword are that while the DPS is a bit better than the hammer, the hammer has much more control, much more +hp, and with the addition of heavy cleave, can now do much greater AE damage with it’s single target DPS not far behind the broadsword.

I think there are several ways to go about improving the broadsword to a state where it atleast can compete with other melee weapons in PvE and PvP, as I’m of the belief that every weapon should be useful in both PvE and PvP, in their own way. So I’ll throw out some ideas and see what you guys think, keep in mind I’m not saying ALL of these should be done, even just picking a couple of these to implement would put the broadsword in a much better place than it is now. To be clear, I don’t expect the broadsword+shield in heavy plate to ever have the DPS and killing power of a lighter geared setup, I just would like to be a bit sturdier, and able to peel players from my teammates, or hold someone down for my DPS comrades to come in and take em out, maybe have a bit more damage to put pressure on people. Right now, none of those things are really possible.


Also keep in mind, these numbers are from my tier 6 broadsword and hammer. I’ll update this list once I’m able to use higher tiers, though it’s gonna be a while since almost nobody wants a broadsword user in their group.

– Increase the amount of +health on the broadsword, right now it’s hundreds below the hammer and mace, and even though the battleaxe has about the same amount, with the self-heals on the axe its effective health is considerably greater.
– Increase the damage all around, right now the hammer and mace are able to heavy cleave for several hundred on many opponents at once, while the broadsword can usually only hit for 300 on a low armor single target with a fully charged mighty blow.
– Increase the movement speed bonus of Heroic Strike by about 3 or 4% per charge.
– Add a stun effect to Mighty Blow that scales up with charges of Heroic Strike, perhaps 2-3 seconds with 1 charge, 5-6 seconds with 2 charges, and 8-9 seconds with 3 charges.
– Add a silence effect to Interrupt.
– Increase the snare % and/or duration of Hamstring, perhaps add a short root followed by the snare.

Thanks for reading, and here’s to hoping that one day we can all use the weapon we want and be able to be effective