Albion Online: Getting PvP Kill Fame

Kill fame is NOT being distributed equally amount party members in pvp. Sure you can see the +fame you ‘should’ be getting for each pvp kill, but this does not affect your pvp kill fame in your stats or on the rankings.

Why say you are going to give all party members equal fame in pvp if in the end it does not affect pvp rankings to Buy Albion Online Silver? You think I care about getting ‘overall fame’ on my character? I can craft one 6.5 great nature staff and get more ‘overall fame’ than hours upon hours of pvp.

I see people crying that they do not get their ‘kill fame’ with the new execution system because someone else executes a player they drop to 0 hp. WELL make the shared pvp fame change WORK like was intended and no one will have the ability to complain about it anymore. If someone outside of your group executes someone, you can always flag and kill them.

Albion Online: Getting PvP Kill Fame

I started as a tank focused on cc and moved to a healer because our guild simply didn’t have any active healers playing with AO Silver. Why should all the time I spend pvping with my guild not be reflected in my pvp kill fame in my stats or on the rankings?

While its not a game breaker, after months of pvp I would like to have something to show for my efforts in my stats and on the rankings.

I’m not a healer, but I agree that everyone involved in the kill should get divided and actually distributed to all players that contributed to the kill.

Only giving fame to the person with the last hit or to the person that executes doesn’t adequately represent the contributions made by everyone involved in the kill.

Lastly, evenly distributing the pvp game would promote a more team and group minded style of play. People wouldn’t be as worried about securing the execute or last hit and would instead be focused on benefitting the group as a whole. I think this would result in higher quality group fights and best albion online silver store (I.e., healers or other players that provide more utility as opposed to damage) would feel that their contributions are being valued.


My Character Names Are Locked in Albion Online

I don’t know if you guys tested it, but if you made once a character. And then deleted him and then make a new one with the same name, you can’t creat him because the game tells you the name is used by another player.
So how is that possible?
Below I made another test for this problem, so you can see what I mean.

1 2 3 4 5 6

Expand Their Albion Online Through Iterations

This is a big issue with indie small teams that grows up and expand their games through iterations. Lean development is great to start small with MVPs then build on top, that’s great to build hype, let people try things out considering the trend in the last few years with kickstarter and company to Buy Albion Online Silver, but at the same time is a double edged sword for certain type of game systems, in my view things like itemisation, resources and economy balance is best to approach with a bird view of the whole system from the start to create a strong foundation but it’s just not feasible and user demand and perception of how things work and the pressure they put into the company to deliver things quick is not helping to really refine things to the highest level before actually create an ecosystem of game systems around that.

While you do not know you need solid experience game designers and game economists until later in the game, but ideally game economists should start project like this since the inception. Reality is a different thing

I think the main problem is the implementation process. The devs so heavily rework major game mechanics and all at once that it’s a bitch, it not impossible, to figure which mechanic to change how and when to produce the gameplay we want to produce. While there is some cool new stuff to Buy Albion Online Gold, the game feels more broken right now than it ever was (first enchanted warbow excluded) and it could be due to any of these reasons:


– The map is huge and the clusters are huge and there is no fast travel
– The connections between royal continents and the outlands are poorly designed
– Transmutating is a thing
– Rerolling is still a thing
– Buying silver with gold is a thing
– The world is really empty in the pre-test so it’s easier to get fame, silver and resources
– There are a bazillion dungeons, even up to t7 on the royal continents
– Fame requirements are really low
– Gathering requirements are really low
– Territories are overhauled completely
– The super-duper-rare resources are not actually that rare
– The mastery system is not working at the moment
– Crafting is really easy and anyone and their mother can craft anything

It could be any of these things that need changing and it’s mostly a combinations of countless different things that have to be tweaked in order to make this into a fun, playable game that doesn’t feel like a job and has some longevity in best albion online silver store. I don’t envy the devs for having to find out which thing has to be changed in what way and how much. That said, I will try and help however I can.

Albion Online: not everything is about items and progress and silver

Focus on the best parts the most fun parts of the game, not everything is about items and progress and silver, -such as focus on the thrill of pking, focus on the risk the reward- that feeling of adrenaline- of danger with Albion Online Silver, to be pked or to be the pker- focus on all the shortcuts and know hows and information one would have as an experienced player that can easily rebuild it all with superior strategies- focus on making friend and forming guilds

– if you instead shift your focus to the fun thrilling things of the game, such as guilds, friends, killing people, having fun, making friends, chatting, crafting stuff, and gaining new skills and ways to progress it will be much easier to play without worrying yourself about the wipe, because you shouldnt be so worried because its a great game in and of itself

one last thing -skills gained is like muscle memory- muscle memory basically means- when you have already built a specific muscle such as a six pack or big biceps, even if you stop training for a while, and all the muscles gained shrinks, if you come back to train it again! it will rebuild so so fast, thats muscle memory! much faster then starting from scratch same as this game

Albion Online: not everything is about items and progress and silver

do you seriously think, say for example, you progressed so far and just imagine a imaginary ranking system- and you were ranked five in this game, do you seriously think that after the wipe your progress will be lost and start all over and you wont be one of the strongest players??!! of course not… your Albion Online Gold, your knowledge, everything that makes you, and your muscle memory of course, you will get back to the previous position of progress thats probable and its quite easy too, and its a journey in and of itself

so enjoy everything and dont be discouraged about playing the game because of the wipe, but be encouraged by what ive said in this post

The problem is tiering up and getting crushed by guys who are in 6.6. Any new comer looking to come in and get geared up 9/10 will fail unless he has a guidl with likeminded new players being funded by OLDER players that have been here already.

When I initally came here I was thinking, sure I started playing 4months or so late, should be no problem catching up by simply grinding. Boy – was I almost completely wrong in that aspect.

In theory, I could continue to progress if I continued throwing money at the game. Or if I keep having my guild fund new gear. Unfortunately – neither one of those answers is good for me.

At this point in time the game is just not complete. The weapons are bland. The armor is a joke seriously the entire armor mechanic needs to be reworked with albion online silver farming. Love the game, but by the time I finally catch up there will be a wipe so no point in me wasting time on a game playing catch up at this point.

Albion Online: a counterspell to damage over time

So, i’ve noticed that DoT’s have become quite the thing in Albion, and I think it’s time to look at creating a counter for not only the self-healing, but also the anti-mount mechanic it offers. I’m fine with the high damage, but the problem is that if the enemy team has DoT’s you’re pretty dead unles you have more sprints than the enemy team.

I’m constantly messing around with new builds in these last days of the beta, and i’m very much looking in to escape mechanics without a million sprints or a multiple invis build, and 5 seconds passive DoT is quite the killer of that tbh.

So, for example just put a spell on a head-piece that removes all damage over time.

Albion Online Breaking News – Dworfs BACK!

To all the haters, i have missed your daily tears of salt.

I have been streaming Oldschool Runescape in past months and playing its new game mode DeadmanMode.

Ohh and Paradox/Nautica is still active, been lurking in the shadows and doing our thing. Taken a decent break from AO as well it got stale after playing alpha tests for almost 2 years and then a beta that was longer then anticipated.

But none the less we are back, we will be playing in the coming summer wipe, and ready to deliver the heat that we have been known to do in the past.

See you shmucks soon

Here is a video if u dont know what well constructed fire looks like

Albion Online Video: GvG System Changes

Competence has nothing to do with it. If Vendetta rolls through as a zerg, you could be as competent as you want, but you won’t have the numbers to stop it. All this does is discourage people from having small but skilled guilds, which is the whole point of the 5v5 GvG, to allow for smaller guilds.I love PvP, but there is a difference between good PvP, and ganking.

How you wanna spend your spare time in Albion

Of course you got your high school schedule, but if you take the time and set priorities you can make all of them. You need a lot of grinding, grinding, grinding, grinding, if you wanna manage that with a good gathering team, and you spend a lot of time crafting.

You need to know, it takes time to Buy Albion Online Silver… A lot of time and patience! Right now in the beta stage of Albion Online, figure out what you need to gather and craft! And the weapon thing, you can better go for one ‘main’ weapon and maybe a ‘secondary’ weapon. Because if you wanna master a single weapon, it takes a lot of time, PvP, GvG and ZvZ. So if you wanna master a weapon and wanna get used to the playstyle… choose one ‘main’ weapon though.

And about your island, of course it’s useful! When you go on a dungeon run? A PvP run? Do a GvG? What are you bringing with you? Probably Soup, Stew, Omelette or when you go gather maybe a Pie. You can get all those mats on your own island, and if you are going to gather a lot! You can build houses on your island, put chests in them and use them as an extra storage.

How you wanna spend your spare time in Albion


What you need to do now:
1. Figure out which weapon you want to play with (Main and Secondary);
2. What do you wanna gather? Figure out which mats you need and in which regions you can get them;
3. Make a plan of action, what do you want to do when the game releases, step by step.

I hope you will figure out what you want to do.
If you need some more information, feel free to PM me.

Player Islands: The main uses for them are to build houses or keep farm Albion Online Silver. Some people do use them for crafting buildings but since most people are part of a guild that provides crafting buildings, or there are crafting buildings available in cities, most people don’t put those on farms.

Laborers are useful for getting materials if you gather/craft. Farms plots of course can grow veggies for food, or animals to turn to mounts and so on. If you need/want further information on what exactly they do or how they work, Rook .

The issue with secondary hand in Albion Online

I want to declare at first that this isn’t the next “offhands are useless” thread.

The purpose of this thread is to think about the way the spells are distributed on weapons…

as for now and I dont know how it will be after the wipe in beta 2, it is made that every weapon has 3 spells and double-handed weapons have an additional passive spell more Albion Online Silver; because people who use a one handed weapons want to have a passive too, they have to craft an additional offhand weapon like a shield for example, which only contains the passive spell and has some other stat improvement, like for example more health…

while this system is balanced (in my opinion), the offhand weapons lost their magic with this system, with this I mean that I had fun wearing a offhand in winter alpha, while now it is simply boring to wear an offhand, because it doesnt give you any active spell….

I also read that the devs want to implement for example a sword as a offhand, so that you can waer double swords

The issue with secondary hand in Albion Online

with this in mind, I am going to make now a far better suggestion for the spell distrubution:

while it is perfectly fine how the double handed weapons work, the one-handed need a little change:
instead of 3 spells for an one-handed weapon I would suggest 2 active spells and a passive and instead of a passive on the offhand weapons I would suggest a special active spells which matches with the weapon, for example the shield would get some shield specific spells, like a dash with the shield, which stuns or taunts enemys…Im not a game designer^^

but you see where I am heading….it would make the choice of the offhand again a tactical element of the game and every offhand would have some variety

it would also match far better with the double swords they announced, instead of a fat ass sword with freaking 3 active spells and the other useless sword with just one noob passive, the distrubution would be a little bit more realistic, because both swords are equal when it comes to damage in reality, so it would only make sense when the offhand sword would only have at least one active spell…

I liked this offhand weapon system of the alphas, the current one is boring…..devs make it better for the beta 2