Albion Online: Getting PvP Kill Fame

Kill fame is NOT being distributed equally amount party members in pvp. Sure you can see the +fame you ‘should’ be getting for each pvp kill, but this does not affect your pvp kill fame in your stats or on the rankings.

Why say you are going to give all party members equal fame in pvp if in the end it does not affect pvp rankings to Buy Albion Online Silver? You think I care about getting ‘overall fame’ on my character? I can craft one 6.5 great nature staff and get more ‘overall fame’ than hours upon hours of pvp.

I see people crying that they do not get their ‘kill fame’ with the new execution system because someone else executes a player they drop to 0 hp. WELL make the shared pvp fame change WORK like was intended and no one will have the ability to complain about it anymore. If someone outside of your group executes someone, you can always flag and kill them.

Albion Online: Getting PvP Kill Fame

I started as a tank focused on cc and moved to a healer because our guild simply didn’t have any active healers playing with AO Silver. Why should all the time I spend pvping with my guild not be reflected in my pvp kill fame in my stats or on the rankings?

While its not a game breaker, after months of pvp I would like to have something to show for my efforts in my stats and on the rankings.

I’m not a healer, but I agree that everyone involved in the kill should get divided and actually distributed to all players that contributed to the kill.

Only giving fame to the person with the last hit or to the person that executes doesn’t adequately represent the contributions made by everyone involved in the kill.

Lastly, evenly distributing the pvp game would promote a more team and group minded style of play. People wouldn’t be as worried about securing the execute or last hit and would instead be focused on benefitting the group as a whole. I think this would result in higher quality group fights and best albion online silver store (I.e., healers or other players that provide more utility as opposed to damage) would feel that their contributions are being valued.


Albion Online: Castle Sieges Will Make PvP Better

I absolutely love this game but I cannot deny there are some things that would GREATLY enhance the experience for everyone. I have played a lot of games in the past, but one game mechanic sticks in my mind that I feel would help make PvP so much more fun; Castle Sieges. I am going to be talking about one game in particular, GW2.

As it stands now, castle sieges in AO are nothing more than waltzing into the castle and killing mobs(guards) then the players that one said castle

This removes so much potential strategy from the game. In GW2 there are destructible gates that could be attacked with auto-attacks OR you could put down a siege kit! These siege kits were expensive, destructible, and took the whole team to build with resources. If the gate is too heavily guarded, start using a trebuchet to destroy walls! Once you placed them anyone could use them, even the enemy. And they were diverse to meet your needs! They could be built anywhere on the battle field and be used defensively (placing them on castle walls) as well.

Here are a few examples of a typical castle siege:

Albion Online PvP: good enough, but could be better

Albion Online was a huge success and nearly every person remembers UO in a positive light. Why do you think so many have flocked to Albion in such huge numbers for a Beta? In my opinion, UO was amazing and some of the best skill based pvp in any game I have played. Lots and lots of options for builds and spells, timing was key, and the risk and rewards were definitely there. I vaguely remember being PK’ed right outside of town a few times in my early days, but once or twice and never again. Most of the real PvP went on deep in the dungeons of Fel and around the Champion Spawns(which were amazing), fighting over power scrolls and Horrowers for stat scrolls.

UO’s guild system was also great. I ran a guild that at one point was at war with every guild on the top 10 list. Our guild was not a zerg either, 20-30 active members facing many times that daily. Every city we went to there we flagged enemies for us to fight, some of these PvP videos I still have up on Youtube today. Order vs Chaos was amazing! Factions was amazing! House collapse(IDOC) battles were amazing! There was plenty of risk and huge rewards.

The murder count system was spot on as well. At one point, my PK had 800+ murder counts and a several million gold bounty on my head. I knew that I had no chance of ever AFK macroing off those counts. Most PKs then ran solo or in small groups. There we also rewards for people that only killed murderers, IE the Justice System and bonus once you killed 10 reds. If you killed someone 1v1, be it a miner or another pvper, it is not considered ganking. Ganking is 3 on 1, 4 on 1, 5 on 1. If you got roasted 1v1, it is your own fault. UO had many many many ways to escape(recalls, teleporting, gate travel, invisibility, hiding). Just like in Albion, if your a gatherer in the red zone you should be running a build designed for easy escape. Multiple sprints, frost shot, ambush, smoke bomb, fast mount, NO OX, and you will successfully escape 3 out of 4 times.

Albion is doing right what UO was doing wrong, gear wise. Having all gear crafted by players keep the economy going, not loot based Artifacts. I can remember many many occasions where I killed people in Felucca and got some amazing gear. In the old days there were Vanquishing weapons, later on it was Artifacts. The insurance system in UO was another horrible introduction, which removed much of the risk in pvp. The open world housing plots were a true Gem of UO, fights outside of my castle are some of my best memories of UO. Waiting for a house to collapse near a prized dungeon and fighting other guilds for that spot. Even finding a PKs home who killed you earlier on your crafter gathering materials and waiting at his house for him to return now on your PK.

For a game to last 10+ years with those 2d graphics, the PvP had to be anything but boring and non rewarding. Heck UO still has an active player base, especially on the free shards. Mind you, I haven’t played UO since about 2008 and the first time I ever logged in was 1997, if I’m remembering correctly.

If you’ve been looking for a game that reminds you of UO, Albion is definitely that. Keep in mind, it is in Beta(a rather too long beta) and numbers are not huge, but still has an active player base. It is certainly worth the $30 founders package, especially if you plan on playing once the game is actually released.

Feel free to give me a shout in game if you decide to give Albion a try. I’d be happy to help you get started.

NumChukaRukaNuka was my Factions Archer. Good times, this was 2v2 factions pvp.

Albion Online PvP: good enough, but could be better