Why We Call Albion Online A “Sandbox” MMO?

All players would like to call Albion as one of the best mmo game in 2017, but not all the guys know why we call Albion ”Sandbox” game instead of a RPG. Today, AOSilver will tell you the reason:

Just thought I would throw my 2 cents of experience in on the sandbox vs themepark.

A Sandbox mmo is a game where there is no linear progression (Set Path) for all players to follow. You start in the game and decide from there where you are going and what you want to be. The quests are lacking on developer side because in a sandbox a lot of the content is supposed to be created by the players (Role-players and such).

A Themepark mmo sets all players on a set path.. You choose your class and from there you follow the same path as anyone else that shares your class. You typically start same place and complete quests in specific areas (due to level restrictions) until you can proceed to the next level and so on until end game. The content is developer created and is set up to walk you from level 1 to max level.

The best MMO that ever existed in my opinion was SWG Pre-CU. This was a Sandbox game with Themeparks built in. The majority of content was still provided by the players though but you could goto certain planets and start a themepark to follow a small quest line for some fun. You choose what your class was by choosing skills as you level up and could mix and match all professions to make a truely unique character. Albion is trying to do something like this. The reason there not succeeding thus far is that there is no back story for players to build off of. They provide us nothing to build on.. SWG had the whole star wars back story filled and could build off of that. Here they show videos of oxes being guarded walking through the lands and being ambushed.. They show guilds prepping for war over this! But what they dont show is the 30 minutes of the oxe guards saying “are we there yet?” and the oxe driver saying “only 5 more zones to go!”. They dont show the 2 hours of waiting around before the full guild war team is ready to ride out of town to fight.. basically they are not succeeding due to the long wait times to organize these types of player engagements.. Also for story how enticing is it to scream they stole are hide! kill them! Basically they need more back story and lore available to all in game if they want to add some excitement to the actual player driven content.. Even RPers need a place to start and build off of.

They need 2 backstories to really fill it out:

Camelots side and Morgana! you choose a side upon character creation and join player guilds set up in your faction.. This will help divide the players and make certain zergs not able to ally.. From there fill in some story and watch the 2 sides battle for the continents!..

Alright you are understand why Albion is sandbox game now, but you will still lose all your loot in the game, whether it is sandbox mmo or not. So you definitely need more Albion Online Silver to make up for lost loot, then there will be a question: where to buy the albion silver? AOSilver is absoultely the RIGHT CHOICE – It has full experience in the Albion Online gaming industry and has good reputation among Albion players.

Source: https://www.aosilver.com/albion-online/news/why-we-call-albion-online-a–sandbox–mmo/


If Albion was never an ‘alpha, beta’

Let’s just say Albion was simply released from the very beginning and no one ever considered it in testing.

The amount of changes the game has gone through is quite massive, it’s almost been seasonal gameplay in my opinion, each one offering up a very different experience. I think if Albion was not in beta this game would be widely considered as getting better and more polished by the day… maybe even be on the rise due to a lot of changes that have been shown for the future.


So now the real question :
What changes to this point have been the most detrimental in your experience?
What changes have been the most successful?
With everything the developers have been working on, it makes me really wonder what type of player experiences have been occurring that make people feel like the game is either succeeding or failing.

my own answers :

What changes to this point have been the most detrimental in your experience?
In my opinion adding and subtracting content from the game has not really been a bad experience for me. Maps, territories, weapons, abilities, factions, materials, pve loot, biomes.. ive seen quite a few come and go.. but what really made the game become less enjoyable over the years was the overhaul of fame. The constant changes to how ‘progression’ happens in Albion is a very exhausting experience. I understand that wiping the maps was surely needed and I stand by that (hence the seasonal talk) what I did not enjoy was re-grinding mobs/materials only to find that the process was taking longer, or was simply broken and needed to be completely fixed.

What changes have been the most successful?
To me the most successful change since I have started playing Albion ( Alpha 2 ) .. has been GvG’s . This is kind of a bias in thinking that not many changes have been very positive to me in terms of content, while it wasn’t awful it just wasn’t really what I was hoping to see. Yet the fact that gvg’s are still in the game and hopefully still the cornerstone to Albion’s success is truly what makes me want to continue to just give the game a go.

Albion Online’s Faye Update Brings New Soundtrack

Albion Online yesterday received a new version of the content, everything is very interesting. Faye updates have generally improved, but there are some fun features that should allow excitement to dive again and explore if you’ve been out for a while.

The first noteworthy update is a mythological forest of new biological communities, where you will find plenty of wood and a friendly spirit less than the forest. No matter how you feel to be able to express, the new expression in the game just increases. Type / expression to see the complete list. It is worth mentioning that the last feature is an increase of the unique track 19 soundtrack online, although there must be more in the updated Faye Wong can be found here in the complete list.

Albion Online is a large multiplayer online role game that will be suitable for Mac, PC, Linux and Android, where all the players are clustered on a large server. It is currently in the final beta.


Albion Online Video: GvG System Changes

Competence has nothing to do with it. If Vendetta rolls through as a zerg, you could be as competent as you want, but you won’t have the numbers to stop it. All this does is discourage people from having small but skilled guilds, which is the whole point of the 5v5 GvG, to allow for smaller guilds.I love PvP, but there is a difference between good PvP, and ganking.

The issue with secondary hand in Albion Online

I want to declare at first that this isn’t the next “offhands are useless” thread.

The purpose of this thread is to think about the way the spells are distributed on weapons…

as for now and I dont know how it will be after the wipe in beta 2, it is made that every weapon has 3 spells and double-handed weapons have an additional passive spell more Albion Online Silver; because people who use a one handed weapons want to have a passive too, they have to craft an additional offhand weapon like a shield for example, which only contains the passive spell and has some other stat improvement, like for example more health…

while this system is balanced (in my opinion), the offhand weapons lost their magic with this system, with this I mean that I had fun wearing a offhand in winter alpha, while now it is simply boring to wear an offhand, because it doesnt give you any active spell….

I also read that the devs want to implement for example a sword as a offhand, so that you can waer double swords

The issue with secondary hand in Albion Online

with this in mind, I am going to make now a far better suggestion for the spell distrubution:

while it is perfectly fine how the double handed weapons work, the one-handed need a little change:
instead of 3 spells for an one-handed weapon I would suggest 2 active spells and a passive and instead of a passive on the offhand weapons I would suggest a special active spells which matches with the weapon, for example the shield would get some shield specific spells, like a dash with the shield, which stuns or taunts enemys…Im not a game designer^^

but you see where I am heading….it would make the choice of the offhand again a tactical element of the game and every offhand would have some variety

it would also match far better with the double swords they announced, instead of a fat ass sword with freaking 3 active spells and the other useless sword with just one noob passive, the distrubution would be a little bit more realistic, because both swords are equal when it comes to damage in reality, so it would only make sense when the offhand sword would only have at least one active spell…

I liked this offhand weapon system of the alphas, the current one is boring…..devs make it better for the beta 2

Some of my wishes for Albion Online

I have 11 days and 6 hours in game time; and, this is my “Wish List”.

Remove global chat.

Why remove global chat?
No gold spam
No Guild recruiting spam
No trolling
No “What’s the best build for “X”?” or “What’s the highest DPS build?”
Frankly put, global chat just doesn’t work with this games design.
The addition of Push to Talk VOIP, like in Day Z, that can be toggled on and off would be surprisingly useful.
Include a function to “Mute” a player from your VOIP
Add Instanced PVP!
This is huge. I have done little to no PvP. I have dueled some friends; and, avoided some reds. And frankly, the grind of crafting is starting to feel more like a job than a game I’m playing for fun. Instanced PvP should start as a Journeyman and stop wherever the devs decide to stop it.
When I queue for PvP, I choose the armor and weapon I wish to use for that match. This allows me to try out different combinations, so I know what direction I want to take my Destiny Board; and, keep me from wasting knowledge points on gear that just don’t work for me.
The specs on the gear(preferably of “Epic” quality) are the same for every player. No TWINKS.
If I queue for PvP near Kingspool, then that is the team I play on. Kingspool will play against another city including another group of players from Kingspool if necessary.
This is where you will meet other players from your area, make friends, find guilds in your area, ect.
The groups are completely ROG-PUGs at least for journeyman and adept. Devs can decide the appropriate level for “formed group” PvP.
Each town will have its own colors so you know who your teammates are.
This also gives you the opportunity to interact with players and guilds from other cities and add them as a friend, or NOTE them as a worthy opponent.
The rewards for the matches are simply Rough Stone and Rough Logs. No fame, No silver.
All kinds of MAPS, Domination, CTF, and Deathmatch. HELL YEAH!! ❗
Looting other players is probably the main reason my friends and I looked into this game, and, I think it’s about time a game allowed looting another player. I would like to see one change though; and, I can certainly understand opposition to this thought. But,
When you loot a player’s bones, you shouldn’t be able to just destroy all their items by tossing said items directly from their bones to the ground. Take them or leave them; but, not be able to just throw them on the ground and “destroy” them.
If you want to take the time to put them in your pack, then destroy them, go right ahead.
Housing and Trade
I noticed how excited the devs were about the additional biomes they are adding to the game. Housing should match the biome it was built in right?
The stone collected from a specific biome would build a “Biome” appropriate structure that looked different than a structure from another biome.
i.e. If I want a Villa looking house in Kingspool then I have to go to a sandy biome and collect enough stone; or, I could trade some European looking stone from my area with a player from a sandy/desert biome.

Now we have a reason to form alliances and establish trade routes; or, go to war.
Speaking of Housing

House building, or any building of any kind in Albion Online, is HORRIBLE. I have literally fallen asleep trying to upgrade my structures. I dread this aspect of the game. It should be one of the most rewarding!

Some of my wishes for Albion Online

Instead of me doing the actual “building”, I would like to be more like a “Contractor”. I’ll bring the supplies and get the project started. Then come back later to see if the job is done and click the “Upgrade” button. Building upgrades should be like “Island Upgrades” Wait 20m to 30m for the upgrade to complete while I’m crafting or doing ANYTHING else.

Or make “Building” an actual craft and allow me to package up my completed house and sell it on an auction house or vendor.
As an “Elder” builder, building or upgrading an “Adept” structure should take considerably less time than an “Adept Builder”.

Speaking of the Auction House (NO 30day Auctions)
In Kingspool, I have noticed attempts to “Devalue” the market. Why? I have no idea. I have noticed many of my crafted items that “Stack”, primarily the “Consumables”, are all being purchased and relisted at a lower price point. What? It’s true. Say I was selling “Chicken Pies”, and I had 50 @ 2000s/ea. Someone comes in and buys almost all the Chicken Pies available on the market and relist them 600 @ 700s/ea for 30 F’in! Days! This is some crazy attempt to devalue the market in Kingspool. And, it’s not limited to “Consumables”. To combat this behavior the 30 day auction must GO!
Limit “Stackable” auctions to 3 days.
Limit “Single” Items to 7 days.
Speaking of Crafting and Auction HousesThe crafting areas, in the front of towns, owned by players, are a “Dead Zone”. No matter which town you go to, they are all dead. Maybe it’s the 250% – 900% they want to use their crafting station; but, I’ll build my own, thank you very much. And thus I would suggest the following changes.
The “Auction House” stays the same; maybe a higher tax might be needed.
All Crafting stations come equipped with a chest and vendor that match the tier of the station.
i.e. A T3 “Journeyman” crafting station can sell T3 items at a considerable less tax than at the “Auction House” and have a T3 chest to store mats or whatever.
Crafters can repair gear at any accessible crafting station for FREE! Or, maybe they will choose to only repair items they crafted for FREE. 👿 Repairs should occur in the trade window on items up to their highest crafting skill.
Farming, Cooking, Ranching, Alchemy excluded for obvious reasons.
Guild Islands could open up as “Crafting Emporiums”.
With these changes, players could find their favorite places to shop and know where to find the “Best Gear” at the “Best Prices” from “Renown Crafters”!

Speaking Of Mats
Collecting mats is terrible and I want to make it worse! 👿
The rate of mat respawn in this game is incredibly awesome, too bad I can never seem to carry enough. This needs to change. Currently, the same “nodes”, closest to town, get harvested over and over.
The more a mat is harvested the slower it should respawn. What!?!
This would encourage adventuring farther away from town.
The carrying weight limit has to be increased. But How?
If I’m riding an Ox and I jump off to fight a Bear or Wolf or mine some Iron, I’m obviously not going to take all of the stuff on the Ox and carry it.
Just like adding increasing my maximum carry load on my footwear, the Ox or Horse should increase my max carry load weather mounted or dismounted, except in dungeons or where mounts aren’t allowed.
Speaking of Oxen
Oxen are just too damn slow and I don’t like to take an Ox out collecting mats. They need a speed increase.
A “Spur”(Sprint) that offers a 35-50% speed increase with a 60s cool down while “NOT” under attack.
Scale the “Spur” with a better quality mount. A “Normal” mount will only Giddy-Up for 10s, “Excellent”-15s, “Masterpiece”-20s, Epic-25s, and “Legendary”- 30s or 35s 😀 after all it’s Legendary.
I think these changes would make that long ride back to the city much more tolerable.

Raising Mounts
Could they eat less with higher quality food? Or
Produce a higher quality mount if fed a higher quality produce.
Add some Music please!
I think this game could be the next “Epic” game; and, it needs some Epic music. Make the music an optional download if necessary; but, MUSIC PLEASE! Each town should have its own special music, and there should be dungeon music, fight music ect. I realize that with all the different cultures playing this game, choosing the “right” music could be difficult. However, some music transcends all cultures.

Addition of “Rare Items”
On certain occasions known only to the devs, say once a month or once a week or once a year, make certain items lootable. Like a wood stove from a dungeon(see the attached picture). These “Rare” items could replace a trophy in a house and add A LOT of happiness to me and my hirelings.

Saved for Last
After 30days I upgraded to the Legendary Founders Package. If you knew me, you would know that says the Devs are building a GREAT GAME. My friends asked me “Is it worth the $99”. I was hesitant to answer this question, and, having a hard time justifying the purchase. The “Gold” and the “House” made it worth it to me. But, I think there needs to be some changes.
Every in game item in this Founders Package is “Mine”, I paid for it. The items in this pack should be bound to my account and NOT lootable. I realize there are other “In Game” possessions that one could argue are more valuable and should be “Bound” to their account. But they weren’t “purchased”.
The “Legendary” Horse and Ox should be “Legendary”. I was extremely disappointed when I noticed they were “Normal”. Come On! If I call my “Volkswagen” – “Porsche” that doesn’t make it the same quality as a real “Porsche”. As far as that goes, it wouldn’t hurt to make the “Explorer” clothing a little better quality too.