How you wanna spend your spare time in Albion

Of course you got your high school schedule, but if you take the time and set priorities you can make all of them. You need a lot of grinding, grinding, grinding, grinding, if you wanna manage that with a good gathering team, and you spend a lot of time crafting.

You need to know, it takes time to Buy Albion Online Silver… A lot of time and patience! Right now in the beta stage of Albion Online, figure out what you need to gather and craft! And the weapon thing, you can better go for one ‘main’ weapon and maybe a ‘secondary’ weapon. Because if you wanna master a single weapon, it takes a lot of time, PvP, GvG and ZvZ. So if you wanna master a weapon and wanna get used to the playstyle… choose one ‘main’ weapon though.

And about your island, of course it’s useful! When you go on a dungeon run? A PvP run? Do a GvG? What are you bringing with you? Probably Soup, Stew, Omelette or when you go gather maybe a Pie. You can get all those mats on your own island, and if you are going to gather a lot! You can build houses on your island, put chests in them and use them as an extra storage.

How you wanna spend your spare time in Albion


What you need to do now:
1. Figure out which weapon you want to play with (Main and Secondary);
2. What do you wanna gather? Figure out which mats you need and in which regions you can get them;
3. Make a plan of action, what do you want to do when the game releases, step by step.

I hope you will figure out what you want to do.
If you need some more information, feel free to PM me.

Player Islands: The main uses for them are to build houses or keep farm Albion Online Silver. Some people do use them for crafting buildings but since most people are part of a guild that provides crafting buildings, or there are crafting buildings available in cities, most people don’t put those on farms.

Laborers are useful for getting materials if you gather/craft. Farms plots of course can grow veggies for food, or animals to turn to mounts and so on. If you need/want further information on what exactly they do or how they work, Rook .