Albion Online: Castle Sieges Will Make PvP Better

I absolutely love this game but I cannot deny there are some things that would GREATLY enhance the experience for everyone. I have played a lot of games in the past, but one game mechanic sticks in my mind that I feel would help make PvP so much more fun; Castle Sieges. I am going to be talking about one game in particular, GW2.

As it stands now, castle sieges in AO are nothing more than waltzing into the castle and killing mobs(guards) then the players that one said castle

This removes so much potential strategy from the game. In GW2 there are destructible gates that could be attacked with auto-attacks OR you could put down a siege kit! These siege kits were expensive, destructible, and took the whole team to build with resources. If the gate is too heavily guarded, start using a trebuchet to destroy walls! Once you placed them anyone could use them, even the enemy. And they were diverse to meet your needs! They could be built anywhere on the battle field and be used defensively (placing them on castle walls) as well.

Here are a few examples of a typical castle siege: