I hate the paying scheme of Albion Online

I have just recently heard about albion and I have no idea what kind of paying scheme will they have, but having seen the same argument OP uses countless of times, I cannot restrain myself from replying.

Want a balanced game? than embrace f2p(with the ability to take shortcuts with real money). Why? because the vast majority of people have either time or money, and only few fortunate individuals have both. I am no saying that pouring money into the game should be required. How to make it as fair as possible? Make it so it is possible to buy ingame stuff with money, as this will self regulate. But than people start crying that you can just buy everything with money, and own everyone with that… but wait, here comes a problem: If you do that your knowledge of the game will still be quite basic so you will be prone to make mistakes, and if the game has a non stupid OWPVP that stuff you just bought with RL money will go back to players who know how to play. Also money does not buy trustworthy companions.

I hate the paying scheme of Albion Online

In a lot of MMOs and even more so in a sandbox, people you can trust are worth more than any kind of money… Oh and what about this few very fortunate people that have money and time. I say just let them feel that sense of superiority than, because if they have time and money and they spend most of it on a game, there isn’t really much to envy there anyway

And don’t get me even started on the bad implications subscription game has on a game design, even worse than any kind of f2p.

But that being said, I did see alot of bad p2w games, but this games basically make it impossible to progress without money, or the balance between time/money is artificially regulated by the game (not players) and a huge imbalance can than arise between the two… So yeah I all for allowing players to take short-cuts with money, as long as the market is open and players who invest time can take those same short-cuts by using ingame gold, so the system can balance itself, and does not favour any of the 2 sides.