Albion Online: Quest/Uniqueness/World Exploring fun

As of late im unable to play [linux issues] steam compatibility please? would make this game alot easier to play with many different set ups

but while playing i found my self bored in alot of things
the grind is cool an all but really needs a bit more “flare”

Fashion Albion – Clothing sets that can an will make other notice you more [old runescape player] allow amours to be “designed” to fit the players fashion.
in runescape we have those rare items that cost trillions of gold and even longer in time to earn.
rare item drops [ that will survive the wipes/official build] like runescapes party hat an ect (im comparing to rs because at the time it was a great game untill they made unfavourable updates

Albion Online: Quest/Uniqueness/World Exploring fun

quest lines from easy to godly (maybe even most party like quest) quest progression (part 1/2/3/4) ect. keep the stories interesting .
quest shouldn’t wait untill the games out you need a attention grabber for many many players to keep coming back

special event only items (pvp hunting for these items are the only way of gaining after event) random “mods” will have these to keep them in population without 1 person hoarding them
this is just one players opinion currently id love to see maybe even player made quest an ect (rewards for creating and allowing albion to use)

those who support these ideas (or even some of them) please reply with those you like.