Albion Online: the x.y system is good

Like having to choose between certain spells and cheap vs expensive and slightly weaker vs slightly stronger weapons etc. For instance single target vs aoe spells etc, or slightly weaker but much cheaper to get. The ideas of having a lot of choices to make is quite good, but also very confusing in many ways for new players. Especially the way how you make those weapons. There are +- about 28 types of wood for instance, T1, T2, T3,T,4 and then all of a sudden you get 4.2, 4.3, T5, 5.2,5.3,5.4 5.5 etc. and ofcourse all the gems and essences you will need. Ofcourse after a while you start to understand the system, but it is still the question which designgoals it is serving. It feels a bit strange to see T4.3 wood trading for much higher prices then T5 wood.

Just in general the strength of items scales approximately like this:

T5.1 (also called just T5, or 5.0)= 5+1= level 6
T4.3 = 4+3= level 7

So as you can see the T5 item is slightly worse then the T4.3. But it may feel counter intuitive, especially for new players.

Albion Online: the x.y system is good

Also note the extremes like T5.5 being stronger then T8.1 in strength. You can chop the T5.5 with a T5 axe, however the wood is very rare to find or very expensive to buy. The T8.1 may be much easier to find, but you need a T7 axe to chop it and the zone inwhich you can find them is more dangerous.

The system actually works out well for me as I like all leather jackets unique attack buff, refreshing sprint across all shoes, force field across all cowls or mage poison and all the weapons I like are .1. I mean I like complicated things, but it is needlessly complicated and just doesn’t make sense. the question is how to make early progression without restricting what you can use by tree.

They could even further limit the spell choices on lower tiers, to the point of just auto attack to start t1 weapons. It would feel more like learning to use a new weapon. It could be basic weapons shared instead of by tree. as in generic 1h magic staff “twig” or 2h magic staff “branch” for just auto attack. bow and crossbow line could get a slingshot, all 1h melee and dual daggers could use a stick and start without any offhand. claymore and great weapons would use big stick. spear would get pointy stick, pike would get long pointy stick, pole arms and melee staves would wield a pole.

Last but not least claw would use their bare hands. they would branch all off to a basic version of the mentioned weapons at the same time. everyone can “craft” them at the start from t1 wood and stone (stone used to shape/sand the wood and for endless ammo in slingshot). Too complicated? at least it’s not needlessly complicated and I think this would be fun and make a lot more sense. What do you think?